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Posts from March, 2016

  • You Get What You Give: Eat Before Your Workouts For Better Results
    What do you bring with you when you are getting ready to work out? Phone, keys, wallet? Hopefully a water bottle is among your list of necessities as well, but it turns out that hydrating during a workout isn’t the only thing to think about (some even advise against it). ...
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  • Recipe of the Week: Lemon Fat Bombs
    Fat bomb. It doesn’t sound appetizing, but you can’t judge a book by it’s cover… Or title. Fat bombs are full of healthy nutrients to boost your energy, and they’re basically dessert (but we don’t recommend eating 6 in one sitting, although it might be tempting). When you’re ...
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  • Are These Common Habits Curbing Your Energy Levels?
    Admit it, you’ve been there: you wake up feeling great, get to work, sit down amongst the chaotic pile-up of papers on your desk, and all of the sudden your brain decides it’s snooze time. Or you’ve hit what you presume to be a midday slump, and you chalk it up to simply ...
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  • Tech Specs: Are Wearable Worth Your While?
    The market for wearable technology in the past few years has been on a rapid rise. Basic clip-on pedometers are a thing of the past. As society sees an increase in the use of wearable fitness devices such as the Fitbit and the Jawbone, some of us might feel torn. Physical ...
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  • Recipe of the Week: Chicken Parm Meets Quinoa Breading
    Whether fried or baked, food with breading has quite a negative stigma. For those of us following relatively strict diets, counting carbs, or looking for ways to incorporate protein wherever we can, we’ve discovered an amazing solution to the “crispy breading” problem— ...
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