Golf Performance

Monmouth Golf Program

Physical training for golf performance has numerous benefits to your game and your overall health. For the most effective golf swing you need a perfect combination of rotational power, balance, flexibility, and stability in order to transfer energy into power. This aims to help any and all areas you may be deficient in in order to attain a controlled, balanced and physically powerful golf performance.

  • Step 1: Go through a K Vest 3D golf swing and movement pattern analysis with Dr. Kris Tardio of Velocity Chiropractic, K Vest and TPI certified medical professional. This analysis will allow us to determine all imbalances and deficiencies in your kinetic chain. We will also take pictures and videos of your swing to break down your movements.
  • Step 2: We gather the results of the findings and portray that information over to a nationally accredited GYMGUYZ trainer who specializes in your required areas of focus.
  • Step 3: Begin a training program at the location of your choice (home, park, country club, etc.) we bring all the equipment necessary to get you through your workouts.
  • Step 4: Re-evaluate your results with another 3D swing and movement assessment.

Nationally Accredited Holmdel Personal Trainers

Our team of nationally accredited golf fitness trainers are some of the best in the industry. They hold multiple certifications from some of the best organizations in the country. With many years of applied knowledge and hands on experience our team knows exactly how to get results. Body development (muscular and neuromuscular) has to be handled by a true professional, especially for the youth population as the body is still developing.

Our Certifications

  • NASM Certified
  • Certified Athletic Trainers
  • FMS Certified
  • NSCA CSCS Certified
  • USA Weightlifting Certified
  • Corrective Exercise Specialists
  • Performance Enhancement Specialists
  • Youth Exercise Specialists
  • Bachelors/Masters Degrees in Exercise/Sports Science
  • Precision Nutrition Certified

Our Areas Of Focus


Balance is crucial to increase your ability to shave points off your score. Not every shot taken on a golf course is on flat ground. Everyone will run into situations when you are on those uphill or downhill slopes, or even heading into a sand trap. In order to maintain perfect swing mechanics you need to have the proper balance to control your body when it is on an unstable plain. Our golf fitness trainers will help you develop the proper kind of balance that can make all the difference in your golf game.

  • Control your shots more consistently
  • Maintain proper swing mechanics regardless of terrain
  • Properly transfer momentum from the legs to your upper body swinging movements

“If you look at some of the players on tour who can really bomb it–guys like Hank Kuehne and Charles Howell – they’re not the most physically intimidating athletes. But they all are very flexible players who can generate tremendous club-head speed while swinging in balance. That’s also one of the keys to my power. I’m convinced that if you increase your flexibility, you’ll add power to your swing.” – Tiger Woods


Flexibility generally refers to the range of motion around any given joint. In regards to golfing, flexibility, as stated above by tiger woods, is directly related to power. This concept is obvious (and backed by the laws of physics) yet looked over for the majority of golfers out there. Strategic stretching around the joints will allow for a great range of motion, therefore resulting in more power for your shot. Not to mention the fact that you are reducing the chance of injury by allowing the body to move in a more natural, controlled manner.

  • Increased range of motion
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • More power through your swing

Core Stability

The core is the foundation of the entire body. You have probably heard this many times, but do you truly understand why? First of all, your core is not just your stomach. Your core includes the total area from the lower rib cage to your hips. This area has 29 total muscles and also includes your lower back/lower spine. Overall golf performance depends on your ability to transfer energy from the legs through the core and the arms. Good core strength will allow anyone to develop the most power possible during the swing with optimal control. The focus of core training for golf is muscular endurance. Your core is utilized through most daily movements or activities so it can become very easily fatigued. Once your core becomes fatigued you will lose control of your form, develop instability and put yourself at risk for injury.

It is very important to understand that your core strength is not just helping you with performance but also injury prevention. Every movement in the sport of golf is rotational, therefore if you do not have the proper support you will injure your spine.

Goals of our golf exercise and performance plan:

  • Prevent injury
  • More control over swing
  • Improve everyday living


Your posture is another crucial part of your game. Proper posture will allow for proper execution of your golf swing. Just so we are all on the same page, according to the Golf Biomechanics Manual, your posture is "the position form which movement begins and ends." Our focus is the natural positioning of the curves of your spine (cervical, thoracic and lumbar.) These main curves are all supported by small muscles. This means that your posture can be corrected by working on these muscles. Good posture also ties into injury prevention, similar to core strength. Poor posture leads to a much greater risk of injury as well as poor performance. By improving posture, you can prevent unnecessary movements during your swing that can create instability. Proper posture can improve power, stability and the ability to strike the ball more consistently.

  • Improve power
  • Improve accuracy
  • Prevent injury

Strength & Power

Strength and power are obviously essential for golf performance. Knowing the difference between the two is important to be able to distinguish where you need improvement and measuring your gains. Strength is your maximum ability to contract your muscle, while power is the speed at which that contraction occurs. Adding strength will give you more fine motor control. This means that because you are stronger, each swing is less stressful and tolling on the body. You will lessen the likelihood of a mistake from muscle fatigue. Our golf strength workouts will improve your strength and power and allow you to drive the ball further due to higher velocity of club head speed.

Cardiovascular Fitness

A typical golf game can last 3-4 hours while requiring you to walk a long total distance on terrains that are typically not flat. The cardiovascular system includes your heart, lungs and blood. This system supplies oxygen to the muscles which is then used to produce energy. Without an efficient and conditioned cardiovascular system, muscle fatigue will set in early and your golf mechanics will suffer greatly.

  • Improve mental component and ability to handle pressure situations
  • Increase endurance
  • Improve heart health
  • Reduce risk of chronic diseases

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