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Meet Our Team

  • Mason Buck

    Fitness Coach

    Mason comes to GYMGUYZ as a fitness trainer with 4 years of experience in the Orange County Area as well as Clemson University in Clemson, SC. Mason obtained a B.S. in Management from Clemson with a Minor in Athletic Leadership. Mason is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, and NFHS Strength and Conditioning certified. When Mason isn’t motivating his clients, he likes to go hiking with his Golden Retriever Rockie or playing any sport to stay active. He also likes to run, swim, and workout 5-6 times per week. Mason’s favorite motivational quote is, “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game” -Babe Ruth

  • TJ Sundberg

    GYMGUYZ Owner

    Favorite Quote: “When things go wrong, make them go right!” TJ has been involved in fitness training since high school, where he realized putting in work both on and off the field made him a better athlete. He continued training to make downtime more productive at Coastal Carolina University. It allowed him to meet people like himself and accumulate more knowledge of the fitness space. He began freelance training clients to pick up extra money as a broke college kid. Since he had the training side of things covered, but the sports lacked, he co-founded a sports radio talk show with his roommate and became the Sports Editor of the student newspaper. He also participated in club sports on campus to fill the need to be on an athletic field competing. Post college, he continued to make fitness a priority in life. He helped co-workers with fitness programs while experimenting with various training regimens. He heard from friends who own GYMGUYZ Westchester County and GYMGUYZ Fairfield County that GYMGUYZ was looking to expand to Irvine, CA. After some research, TJ decided there was no other brand he wanted to link to his passion for fitness. TJ’s Mission: “My ‘why’ was always to find something I can do to help others, give back to my community, and have a ton of fun in the process. Not only has GYMGUYZ allowed me to do that, but it’s allowed me to find people with a similar mindset. Our GYMGUYZ Irvine staff is phenomenal, brings 110% every single day, and I could not do this without them.” Certifications: -National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) -HyperIce HyperVolt Movement Enhancement Certified -AHA CPR/AED Certified