High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT in Denver

Experience the Benefits of High Intensity INterval Training

In the past couple decades, high intensity interval training has moved from a fad to a phenomenon in the fitness world. With origins in sports like running, cycling, and speed skating, HIIT was all about improving speed and endurance.

Nowadays, high intensity interval training is an immensely popular regimen not just because it is efficient, but because it offers an immense number of physical benefits.

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Benefits That Come with HIIT

I'ts One of the Fastest Ways to Burn Calories

By getting up one's heart rate to 3/4 your maximum or higher, calories begin burning rapidly. This can be achieved through workouts that incorporate weight resistance on top of cardio.

It Elevates Metabolism for Longer Periods

After a long run that places heavy demands on the body, one's metabolism remains elevated for a period of time after the workout as the body returns to a state of balance. HIIT training can keep one's metabolism elevated for longer than low or medium intensity exercise.

It Can Help with Weight Loss

Continuing in a HIIT program for at least a few months can be a more effective way to lose weight than low or medium intensity workouts.

It Can Help with Endurance & Oxygen Consumption

Traditional endurance training usually focuses on improving oxygen consumption. HIIT may be as effective as long periods of running or cycling for achieving this goal.

It Can Lower Blood Pressure

One study if high intensity interval training on older participants concluded that this format can reduce blood pressure without also putting damaging strain on the cardiovascular system.

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