No Rest for the Weary: What you Should Do on Your 'Off' Days

All Fitness Coaches know that the success or failure of a client begins when the workout ends. What you eat and what you do when you’re not sweating, pumping, huffing and puffing is what matters – actually more – than your workout itself!

When you stop training your body, your metabolism begins to slow. To make lasting change in your body, you want to create a state in which your body maintains a higher metabolic rate to perpetually burn fat and calories at such a clip that the weight stays off. This requires regular frequent maintenance and work. Even on the days you are not in the gym, you should stay active.

So, leaving meal planning for another day, and leaving what to do ‘in session’ to your coach, here are a few tips and action items you can do to keep your metabolism boosted on your ‘off days’, and every day.

Just. Do. Something. Get off the couch, take a walk. Move. Do this at an accelerated pace for 20 minutes. Just get moving. Anything will do, as long as you ‘do’.

Find a purpose to walk to. The store, your place of worship, your job, walking your pet. If you integrate activity into your life you are far more likely to do it. It’s cliché to hear about taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking far from your destination, etc… but do that! It works.

Buddy up! Misery loves company, or rather – having the support of a friend or partner will give you extra accountability. Get a group if you can – but don’t let their availability or potential commitment issues keep you from making it happen. Make it fun!

Take the Stairs. Park further away. Get off a stop early on public transportation. Heard that somewhere before? Every little bit helps!

Break it up! 5 minutes daily, before you leave the house, of stretching and walking in place, planking, and other actions is a great start. Then do this at lunch, dinner, etc… the goal is to keep the metabolism up!

Go to the park! Channeling your inner kid as you move along – running or walking around your park can get the blood flowing and your heart rate up – which is important for off-day metabolism boosts. It’s also great just to be outside!

Bicycle! Bicycle! Take a ride to stay alive. Also a great cardio kick! Channel Queen, the rock band, and ride your bicycle

Swim! It’s refreshing, fun, and one of the best workouts you can do.

Make it a ‘Cardio’ Gym Day! If you are an eager beaver – go to the gym but focus on cardio! Hit the treadmill, elliptical machine, stationary bike, and more. Bring your head phones and let your mind drift away. 20 minutes will suffice for now. Keep it steady-state. We’ll work on the resistance, metabolism building, and H.I.I.T training with your coach!

Yoga is awesome. You should do it. Period. Nam

Some muscle groups can take some additional pounding. Modify per your coach’s advice and let them advise you on sets, but ry a 20-minute morning crash set of:

  • Planks
  • Push-ups
  • Squats
  • Stretching
  • Superman/Rocketman Combos for your back
  • Whatever you love! Roller-skate, bowl, tennis, shoot hoops… just stay active!

As you move along, you’ll see you never should have an off day. All of these workouts serve a purpose for your body and it is all FREE for you. The body is an amazing machine when fully engaged. You can truly maximize your potential with just a little work! Consistency is key! Get to it and feel amazing!

See you at your next session!