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  • Photo of Dayna
    Dayna GYMGUYZ Owner
    Photo of Dayna
    Dayna GYMGUYZ Owner
    I live in Hampton Bays and my business serves clients in Eastern Suffolk County, from Brookhaven east through the North and South Forks. In addition to operating a GYMGUYZ franchise, I am also a devoted daughter to a diabetic parent and a decade long health enthusiast.
    In my spare time I enjoy time with my friends & family (primarily watching or attending sporting events), traveling (off season) and any time I can spend around dogs (don’t have the time to volunteer at the shelter anymore, but it’s on my list)!

    Favorite Quote
    “What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” – Vincent van Gogh

    Fitness Background
    As a child I practiced baseball with my male cousins. Since I couldn’t play on a little league team, I practiced in drills and was often at the batting cage. My other sport was Equitation. I was hooked on horses from the time I was a toddler. I rode western in high school and then switched to English and competed inter-collegiately during my undergraduate years at Long Island University – C.W. Post. I continued schooling horses for over a decade after I graduated. About 10 years ago I started on a different path in the world of fitness. I had a good friend who was a Strength & Conditioning Coach at 3 different Division I schools, played pro ball and is currently a strength & conditioning coach for the NBA. He was my mentor and trained me hard, but I loved it and was amazed by what I was able to accomplish in my late 30’s / early 40’s. Inspired me to help others achieve the same.

    My Mission
    I’m in the fitness business because I come from a family riddled with various medical issues, many of which could have been prevented or mitigated by engaging in a healthier lifestyle. I lost my father when he was 56 due to a heart attack and my goal was not to end up facing the same fate; especially in lieu of the fact that heart disease runs on my dad’s side and diabetes on my mom’s side. There are many people I know who struggle in silence and felt the locals who patron the eastern end of long island were largely an underserved community when it came to fitness, so was excited to start a new franchise in the community to serve them. It’s not about looking like a supermodel, it’s about being preventative and enhancing your quality of life so you can be around with all the friends & family you love too!
  • Photo of Frank
    Frank Personal Trainer
    Photo of Frank
    Frank Personal Trainer
    Fitness Certification:
    - Academy of applied personal training
    - Certification and yoga fit certification

    Favorite Fitness Actives:
    Resistance training, bike riding, snowboarding, hiking, yoga and meditation
  • Photo of Sean
    Sean Personal Trainer
    Photo of Sean
    Sean Personal Trainer
    Favorite Quote
    "To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” Steve Prefontaine

    Fitness Certification
    1. A.A.P.T.E (Personal Training)
    2. USAT Level 1 Triathlon Coach
    3. TRX
    4. Cycling Power Certification-Hunter Allen
    5. RTS (Resistance Trained Specialist-Tom Purvis) trained

    Favorite Fitness Activities
    Triathlon-Swim, Bike, Run
    Mountain Biking
    Resistance Training