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  • Photo of Cindy
    Cindy Fitness Coach
    Photo of Cindy
    Cindy Fitness Coach
    Cindy is an avid fitness enthusiast and excited to be a part of the GymGuyz East King County team. She is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer with a passion for helping people reach their fitness goals and started as a Jazzercise instructor where she taught group fitness. In addition, she has a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies with a minor in Human Development. Cindy has been married for 25 years and after having her three children she became passionate to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She is CPR/AED certified by the American Heart Association. Cindy’s favorite type of exercise is cycle classes and HIIT training. She is energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate about nutrition, fitness and helping others.
  • Photo of Jen
    Jen Fitness Coach
    Photo of Jen
    Jen Fitness Coach
    I grew up with a father who made sure we got out constantly for bike rides, runs- or even just walks. It was very memorable bonding time and I remember acting like i had to go with him, but I loved our time together and how exercise made me feel.

    I have always loved exercise - some days more than others! And have wanted to share my passion with others. Or even introduce it into their lives so they could get that ‘amazing feeling’. Not to mention promoting longer healthier lives- We’re living longer now, we HAVE to take better care of our bodies.

    I have always enjoyed working out with friends and family- the social aspect is huge for me. I truly believe if every had a ‘partner’ the motivation is mindless!

    My background is not in exercise, this is a new exciting path for me and I have loved having this time to get certified for Fitness and Nutrition with the American Council on Exercise. I found GYMGUYZ after being certified for a short time- and it was a no brainer- it just makes sense!
  • Photo of Kristin
    Kristin Fitness Coach
    Photo of Kristin
    Kristin Fitness Coach
    Fitness Background
    I am a Native to the Pacific Northwest and love the outdoors. I am an avid mountaineer and love exploring this area. For most of my career, working in the field of the fitness industry as a Professional Personal Trainer for the past eight years, I have found my true passion to help people achieve their fitness goals. Mobility and motivation are my two keys to enjoy this beautiful earth we live on. I am very passionate about my job and take great pride in my performance as a professional.

    Fitness Certification
    I have a background in B.S. Kinesiology Movement Studies from Western Washington University. I am certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and in CPR/First Aide. I am also a certified TRX Suspension and Sports Medicine Rehabilitation Coach.

    My Mission
    I am motivated to help each and every client in improving and maintaining high levels of physical and mental health. I focus on your needs and wants. I want my clients to find a balance between work and exercise and to see the consistency that is necessary to reach their goals. Instead of wishing to break free of this destructive habit of not exercising, let’s turn that desired behavior into reality and reveal what you truly are as a human being.
  • Photo of Kevin
    Kevin GYMGUYZ Owner
    Photo of Kevin
    Kevin GYMGUYZ Owner
    My Dad passed in September of 2016 and I think he has been guiding me through this journey up to this point. My Dad worked 45 years for UPS (United Parcel Service) to a VP level and Loved every day he worked at UPS. It was in his blood and was his purpose and passion. I would have wished that Dad had more balance in his life regarding exercise and nutrition but it was a different time. My Dad had a Great Life but at 79 years old, it was much too young to leave us.
    I have been in High Tech Sales for over 24 years covering the Western US including Alaska and Hawaii and generating $10 Million + dollars in Revenues each year for companies of Calix, Cisco Systems, NetApp and Cabletron Systems. A graduate of DeVry University in Electronic Engineering and that is how I got into High Tech 24 years ago.

    Over the years I have been committed to fitness and working out usually over the weekends since I traveled Monday thru Thursday for 24 years. This past year I received Certification in Coaching/Personal Training/Strength Training Instructor
    knowledge, I became a Training for Warriors Level 1 and Level 2 Certified Instructor.

    My wife Brenda is a Flight Attendant for Alaska Airlines and Real Estate agent for Remax. Our sons Brandon works for Microsoft and Married to our Daughter in Law Kelsey and Son Nick works for Zillow and is 27 years old. I need to mention we have 3 Australian Shepard’s Pebbles, Rocky and Addy and live in Snoqualmie, WA.

    As a Family we enjoy Fitness (The Boys and I, always have Chin Up, Push Up, Lifting Challenges) but we also love the Seahawks!! We have been Seahawk Season Ticket holders since 2001 and haven’t missed a game in 16 years!! My Wife and I attended Superbowl XLVIII in NYC, Seattle Seahawks VS Denver Broncos..!! 43-8 Seahawks..!!

    My goal it is to promote Fitness to all but personally committed to the 30-90 year-old age group who I feel need it the most.