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The Fitness Lifestyle, Part 20

In last week’s column, we looked at a number of solid breakfast meal ideas, as well as overall nutritional concepts and “sticking with the GYMGUYZ program” in your quest to reach (and then maintain) peak condition for the upcoming summer months. Hey what time is it right now? That’s right: Lunchtime! Let’s take a look at some sample lunch meals to keep you on the daily path begun with your nutrient-dense breakfast… and (of course) your GYMGUYZ workout!


8oz. grilled or broiled chicken breast

1-2 servings green beans

1 medium baked potato


8 oz. Tilapia

1 medium sweet potato

1 serving steamed broccoli

1 piece of fruit (your choice)


4 oz. round steak (either top round or eye of round)

2 servings steamed spinach

1 serving brown rice

1 piece of fruit (your choice)

Just a reminder, adjust the portion sizes as needed. A 200-pound male likely needs a lot more total calories than a 140-pound female and can (for example) easily add an extra baked potato or piece of fruit into his lunch without it adversely impacting his fitness goals. Especially if he’s already amped the intensity of his GYMGUYZ workouts to another level.

Up next week… dinner!