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Posts from August, 2014

  • Franchises, as Cornerstones
    It’s a fact that franchises are one of the cornerstones of business in this country. Believe it or not, at last count there are at least 750,000 franchise establishments in the United States alone, employing well over 8 million people. Not surprisingly, a large % of those ...
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  • GYMGUYZ in the Franchising News
    Internet browsing alert: GYMGUYZ and company CEO Josh York are featured in a new online article at the heavily-trafficked and prestigious Huffington Post website! Josh was interviewed for the piece and discusses the many positives a fast-growing, hard-charging company such ...
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  • Franchise Location
    To paraphrase an old cliché in the form of a question: “Why’s that one bedroom apartment on East 80th Street so expensive?” – “Location, location, location!” From the GYMGUYZ standpoint, you can rest assured that potential new franchisees will be able to work effectively – ...
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  • Franchise Visualization
    Do you have what it takes to start your own GYMGUYZ franchise? Can you visualize yourself getting involved with this expanding, rapidly-growing company before others beat you to the punch? Let’s face it; a substantial % of life is planning an action or reaction, as opposed ...
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  • The Fitness Lifestyle, Part 38
    Here’s a truth that often goes unspoken: despite the occasional over-the-top rhetoric you see in magazines and on the internet, there are very few hard and fast ironclad rules when it comes to health and fitness. Think of the whys and wherefores of exercise, nutrition, and ...
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