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Posts from June, 2014

  • Franchise Need!
    In past columns, we’ve discussed the need for potential GYMGUYZ franchisees to embrace the GYMGUYZ lifestyle hook, line, and sinker. A while back, I shared a true-life tale of money and franchising that this time around, will illustrate a different point entirely. It’s the ...
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  • The Fitness Lifestyle, Part 30
    Summer’s almost here! You’ve been living life the GYMGUYZ way — training, diet, rest habits, etc. — and are nearing your seasonal goal of reaching peak condition. While you should certainly take pride in your accomplishments to date, now’s not the time to take your foot off ...
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  • A Franchise Reminder, Part 8
    The grand opening of our newest GYMGUYZ franchise in Westchester, New York kicks off this week’s Franchise Reminder. Under the auspices of company CEO Josh York, GYMGUYZ began as a small business in Plainview, New York. That GYMGUYZ has achieved franchise status in such a ...
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  • The Fitness Lifestyle, Part 28
    Summer is fast approaching! And you know what that means: it’s time to take stock of precisely where you are and (of course) how far you’ve come in your quest to reach peak condition for the summer months. While it’s true that summer ‘proper’ doesn’t begin for another three ...
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  • A Franchise Reminder, Part 6
    This week’s Franchise Reminder takes its cue from last week, into a discussion of the “symbiotic” relationship between the GYMGUYZ franchise owner and GYMGUYZ ‘main.’ You already know that as a franchisee, you’ll experience less trial and error, lower entry costs and general ...
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