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Posts from May, 2014

  • A Franchise Reminder, Part 5
    This week’s Franchise Reminder delves into the concept of teamwork, as applied to the franchising process. You already know the many positives that come about through teamwork. Consider your GYMGUYZ workouts and the terrific rapport you’ve developed with your coach over ...
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  • A Franchise Reminder, Part 4
    This week’s Franchise Reminder takes us into the concept of “time,” and how it applies to franchising in general… and GYMGUYZ in particular. This may seem obvious, but it bears reflection: if faced with the choice of starting your own fitness and training business from ...
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  • Exciting News
    So many exciting things going on in the world of GYMGUYZ! You already know that GYMGUYZ pioneered the notion of personal trainers catering to the client (rather than the other way around), by eliminating the need to meet at the local gym, but instead bringing the gym to the ...
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  • The Fitness Lifestyle, Part 25
    When we talk about living life “The GYMGUYZ way,” it’s about more than just subscribing to a random collection of ideas… it’s an overall life path that you’ve chosen to take. The positive results of your choices have been immediate… and obvious! Alas, we’re only human. And ...
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  • Franchise ‘Dos’
    That’s right — ‘dos’ and not ‘dues!’ Here are three of the most important ‘dos’ for any new GYMGUYZ franchisee: 1. DO as much research into every aspect of the business as possible, and then some. GYMGUYZ CEO Josh York will be more than happy to point out the obvious: no one ...
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