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10 Questions for Franchisee Dayna Corlito

We couldn’t be more excited about adding new franchisees to our growing GYMGUYZ family. This month, we wanted to talk to our newest franchisee, Dayna Corlito, who, in just a couple of weeks will be launching three new GYMGUYZ franchises in the greater North Fork region of Long Island. Although, we are there to support our franchises 100%, sometimes the best advice is from the person themselves. Here are 10 questions for Dayna Corlito.

What made you want to open 3 franchises opposed to one?
DC: I wanted to focus on the entire east end instead of just the Hamptons or the North Fork. However, I will likely start my official launch with just 2 territories and then gradually roll out into the 3rd franchise territory in spring; I will be doing the same concept with the vans. Starting with 2, then a 3rd to follow in Feb, a 4th in April and a 5th in June. The territory is too large geographically to service it with less vans than that.

Sounds like you have a pretty well thought out strategy! Alright, so you will be opening in just a couple of weeks, tell us what kind of preparation you are going through to prepare for the launch?
DC: The majority of my time is being spent on recruiting. It’s so important to have the right coaches lined up to service the clients. The team is #1! Everything else will fall into place after that.

So true! What do you feel is the most important lesson about business/franchising that you’ve learned since making the decision to purchase 3 GYMGUYZ franchises?
DC: The time it takes to launch. Realistically it’s a 3-6 month process to do it properly between corporate training, recruiting and marketing.

Tell us in your words, what the GYMGUYZ Corporate franchising is like.
DC: To me, it’s an opportunity to provide a complete fitness solution to individuals, as well as companies and organizations. It’s an opportunity to get people motivated to be more active and healthy and I think that is so important for people of any age.

We couldn’t agree with you more. You mentioned when we spoke that you decided to open up your own GYMGUYZ due to the lack of fitness/gyms in the greater North Fork area, as you are going out and doing your preliminary outreach, do you sense a lot of excitement about the opening of your franchises?
DC: Yes, and in more than just the North Fork! In fact, it’s actually the entire east end. I am very happy that the preliminary feedback has been very positive. There are a lot of people who seem to agree the area is under-served and that this business is a super idea for out east. It’s just a matter of doing the legwork and making sure the marketing is done in person as opposed to just digital and print media because relationships mean everything in the smaller communities.

Now, for the hard question, what has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?
DC: For me, it has been recruiting the coaches. There are a lot of talented individuals out there, but some don’t fit the culture of the company and some are just geographically out of range, so it has been a process that has taken several months so far and it’s still going. Luckily I’m really happy with the core group of individuals I’m moving ahead with so far. Think they will be a great addition to the team.

Do you have experience owning or running companies in the past?
DC: I have helped run several other businesses and companies in the past and have another business that I started less than 2 years ago, but this is the first active business that I will both own and operate. It’s a lot of work, but I’m really motivated to do it and it gives me a chance to leverage my existing strengths and also to learn new skills and technology.

We have no doubt that you will succeed at this! You mentioned before that you have always had a passion for fitness, do you think in order to own and run a GYMGUYZ franchise you must be a fitness professional?
DC: I think you need to have a fitness & wellness mindset because then you have a more vested interest in the business and company you represent. If not, then it would only be able to resonate through the people you have underneath you running the operations. Tone at the top is important, especially in a business like this.

What are some ways you’re going to integrate your 3 franchises into their respective communities?
DC: It will be done through a combination of on the ground business-to-business and consumer marketing (I mean, literally walking around to all the local businesses, hospitals, schools, recreational & senior centers, etc. to get the word out), outreach through various Chambers of Commerce and other local organizations and participation in relevant events throughout those communities.

It seriously is all about the game plan. What advice do you have for anyone thinking about franchising with GYMGUYZ?
DC: The company and brand are awesome, there is no doubt there. I think the advice is that you need to be patient and take all the necessary steps to set yourself up for success. If someone is trying to come to market with this quickly and thinks they can take shortcuts to launch, it would be a mistake. There are a lot of moving parts to running a franchise like this and people need to understand that upfront.

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