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Posts from January, 2015

  • Productivity Myths We Truly Believe
    If you had to describe how you are in one word, and you’re not using the word “stressed,” what would it be? If that word is busy , we know how you feel. We live and work in an on-demand society with a culture built on the best product/solution, implemented in the shortest ...
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  • Restaurant Hacks
    Okay, so we are two and a half weeks into 2015 and you’re still going strong on your NYE resolutions— bravo, the first few weeks/month are the hardest part. At this point you may even be starting to prefer your new healthy eating habits, which is awesome . So how can we ...
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  • 5 Ways to Train Yourself to Accept Criticism
    As a boss, you know that you’ve come a long way and probably encountered a lot of opinions along the way. Even on your journey, you’ve probably criticized your manager or boss, you may have even said it to their face. However, one thing you might have realized that if you ...
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  • Take a Break— Literally
    What are the biggest keys to success? With ease, many of us can rattle of three that come to mind: working effectively, efficiently and smart. Now, what does that mean and how exactly do you achieve those three things? There are many ways, but probably one method that you’d ...
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  • How To Be A Better Boss
    Everyone has their own version of what it takes to be a better boss. Undoubtedly, you’ve read books, articles, listened to lectures or even took examples from our own life experiences, but the best advice that I’ve read lately was pretty unexpected. The most shocking aspect ...
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