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Franchisee Feature: Naomi Hoyt GYMGUYZ Northwest Columbus

We cannot say it enough— our franchisees are our family. And like family members, each one has their own unique personalities and experience that only enhances us overall. This week, we welcome one of our newest members and proud new owner of three GYMGUYZ franchises in Northwest Columbus, Naomi Hoyt. Here are 10 insider tips about franchising with GYMGUYZ that you didn’t know!  

Let’s start at the beginning. How did you hear about GYMGUYZ?

NH: I began my search for a new business opportunity by posing a question in a Facebook group whose membership is 4,000 Dublin, OH moms – “What is the one business missing from Dublin that you’d love to see open?” I received over 400 responses to that post. One of them referred me to Lori Sturm, a franchise consultant. Lori brought GYMGUYZ to our attention.

It’s amazing what successes we will achieve if we just listen! But, this isn’t your first rodeo, tell us about your other entrepreneurial experience:

NH: Sean, my husband, and I have both owned small businesses, but this is my first experience with a franchise.

How exciting! So, what attracted to you franchising in the first place?

NH: My experience in marketing and PR along with our small business experience taught me that starting a business from the ground up, building a brand and name recognition is TOUGH with BIG risks and no safety nets. The national profile of franchises, combined with the processes already put into place, make franchising a natural fit for someone like me who wants to work hard and run a successful business that already has the branding and process figured out.

All very true. You obviously considered a number of franchising opportunities. What are the big differences between franchises (them vs. us)?

NH: PROCESS first and foremost. We looked at several franchises, and GYMGUYZ quickly rose to the top because of the processes they have in place. PASSION was also a huge factor. The drive that makes GYMGUYZ successful is undeniable.

We are very passionate people (which we pride ourselves on!). We have to ask, do you have previous fitness experience?

NH: Yes, I have been a personal trainer for 3 years. I opened and ran Central Ohio Thank Dog Bootcamp– classes that combine exercise and obedience for dogs with exercise for their owners from 2013-2016, and I trained clients privately during that time. Additionally, I experienced my own transformation when I lost 60 pounds– the last 30 pounds with the help of a phenomenal personal trainer. That experience unleashed a passion for fitness in me that will always stay with me.

Wow! That’s awesome (did we mention we are always blown away by our amazing franchisees?) Even though you have previous experience, do you think it’s necessary to have fitness experience to open a fitness franchise?

NH: Not necessarily. If you have a passion for helping people, sound business sense, the desire and willingness to be “in the weeds” and work very hard, you can find the right coaches to help make your vision a reality.

What made GYMGUYZ a great fit for you?

NH: I believe strongly in Simon Sinek’s assertion that in order to be successful we must “Start With Why.” For me, health and well-being of our population is one of our greatest challenges, and addressing that, one person at a time, is my why. GYMGUYZ is the perfect opportunity to combine that passion with the amazing GYMGUYZ system of training, the GYMGUYZ commitment to excellence across all facets of the business, and the GYMGUYZ family. It’s hard to imagine another franchise where the people supporting you actually CARE as much about your success as the GYMGUYZ team, including the other franchisees, who are generous with their time and insights.

We have to say that you’re also a great fit for us, too!  In your opinion, what do you need to do in order to have a successful franchise?

NH: You have to be willing to do anything you would ask a team member to do, you have to treat all people as you want to be treated, you need to be focused and organized, work tirelessly to promote your business, follow the system, listen to and learn from those who have more experience than you, and you need to be able to take the challenges and turn them into lessons. Above all, you have to know WHY you do what you do. The rest, I believe, will follow.

What do you like about the business?

NH: The energy behind the business is incredible. It really shines through and creates a dynamic business.

Would you recommend GYMGUYZ as a franchise, why?

NH: Yes – because the people and the process that drive the business are top notch.

Anything else you’d like to add?

NH: Could not be any more excited to launch and start bringing these health and lifestyle changes to my community!