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Mobile Personal Training Center Opens in the Woodlands

THE WOODLANDS, Texas — The number-one mobile personal training facility is now available to local residents looking to get fit in the comfort of their own homes.

Founded in 2008, GYMGUYZ is now the fastest growing brand in fitness. Their certified coaches focus on personalized one-on-one training, just the way founder and CEO Josh York designed it, who worked as a personal trainer after graduating from college. While working, one of his customers noted that it would be great if he could train at home, but the customer didn’t have any equipment. From there, a new idea was born.

York started the company in his parents’ dining room and $16,000. Now, GYMGUYZ has 70 locations in 18 different states. Entrepreneur Magazine recently named them the business to watch.

“We change people’s lives, and that’s what we’re all about,” York said.

The team at GYMGUYZ uses a hormone-based approach to their fitness routines. They utilize what they call the three C’s — convenience, customization and creativity — to generate exercises that will allow people with all health conditions, backgrounds and interests to reach their fitness goals.

“There are not a lot of workouts that are new on their own, but we want to focus on your hormonal balance,” David Henry, owner of GYMGUYZ in The Woodlands, said. “You want a certain amount of testosterone balance with a certain amount of estrogen balance, and you want to lower your cortisol, which is your stress hormone. If you do that right, that’s going to make you a fat-burning machine.”

Henry understands the need for variety in activity from personal experience. He was diagnosed with cancer as a child, and the treatments removed him from society for about a year. He said it was the people who got him out of his bed that made the biggest difference.

“I’ll never forget when I was a kid the guy from Nintendo visiting me and giving me video games. I’ll never forget the guy that came by and brought me stuffed animals and played Nintendo with me,” Henry said. “It got me out of bed to work out a little bit.”

Training with a GYMGUYZ coach begins with a free pre-assessment. The coach will come to a client’s house and go through medical history, take measurements and discuss fitness goals. Then, they go through a shortened exercise routine and tailor the workout as needed. There are 365 pieces of equipment in their van that they keep up-to-date. Prepared for all ages and conditions, coaches are trained to lead workouts in unique ways.

“When we go through your medical history — say you’ve had knee surgery — and we kind of see what your relative range of motion is,” Henry said. “When we go tailor the product to you, we can make the correct modifications so you can be safe and still hit your goals.”

Ultimately, the coaches at GYMGUYZ want their clients to hit their fitness goals while having fun.

“Working out is not fun all the time, so that’s why we make it fun,” York said. “My first customer I ever trained is still on board to this day. What it comes down to is the experience. We make the workouts fun. We make it fun, whether it’s going out to an obstacle course or we’re doing some type of activity that we would do at a birthday party. Everything is customized each person. That’s what keeps people having fun. If you bring that right approach where people can have fun, yet they’re still exercising, they’re doing more than they were doing before.”

For more information, or to set up a pre-assessment with a GYMGUYZ coach, visit their website at