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11 Questions for GYMGUYZ’s Newest Team Member Robert Matyas

Opening any business— franchise or not is a huge life change, you’re going from employee or freelancer to franchisee or sole proprietor. It is both a very exciting and scary time in anyone’s life, and it’s also one of the most unique times to ask one of our newest and youngest franchisees these very raw questions. Here are 11 questions for Robert Matyas.

You can be considered to be a younger entrepreneur, which we commend you on, however what challenges have you experienced due to your age?
RM: The primary challenge I faced, due to my age, was obtaining financing. At 26, my credit history is simply not long enough to qualify me for substantial business loans.

Do you feel like being younger has more advantages than disadvantages? If so, what are they?
RM: Yes, I really do. As a young entrepreneur, I have more time and energy to construct a well-established business. Local business people are always impressed by my ambition and hunger to succeed. Even though I may have less experience than other prominent entrepreneurs, I believe my focus and goal-oriented mindset will allow me to thrive in the upcoming year.

This is all very true! So, how did you hear of GYMGUYZ?
RM: My franchise broker, Keri Denton.

What made you interested in the opportunity of franchising, let alone franchising with GYMGUYZ?
RM: The draw to a franchise was mainly due to my age and relatively short time in the business world. I knew I had the ability to manage and operate a small business, but I wanted the infrastructure and support that a franchise could provide me. Starting a new business is enough risk in itself, so I wanted to maximize my chances of success with a growing franchise company.

Franchises are one of the safest business ventures you can go into! Did you evaluate other franchisees before committing to GYMGUYZ?
RM: Yes, I evaluated two other franchises before committing to GYMGUYZ.

We always ask our franchisees this question as we feel it’s big misconception when it comes to franchising with GYMGUYZ: do you have previous professional fitness experience?
RM: No, I do not have professional experience. However, I have been interested in personal fitness for the past 7 years.

Tell us what has been one of the most rewarding aspects of this whole process? 
RM: Without a doubt, the motivation and energy I have felt throughout this entire process has been the most rewarding. I feel like I am taking control of my life and fulfilling the dream of becoming my own boss.

That’s awesome! Speaking of the process of becoming your own boss, share with us the franchising experience with GYMGUYZ.
RM: The experience I have had with GYMGUYZ so far has been outstanding. The company is young and eager to expand, just like me. Everyone working at the corporate office is down to earth and friendly. They really make it feel like a family environment, which, in turn, is less stressful and more fun overall. 

That’s great, at GYMGUYZ we truly try to make all of our franchisees feel like they are part of our family. In your words, tell us what you are most excited about doing with your new GYMGUYZ franchise?
RM: I am most excited to establish myself as pillar within the local community, and to build a reputation of improving lives. My goal is to transform the lives of those who do not have the time or feel comfortable working out in a public gym. Additionally, I am eager to expand my territory and serve a larger portion of Northern Virginia.

Do you have any advice you’d like to give others in your shoes? 
RM: Do your due diligence and don’t be afraid to ask questions! This is a big step for an entrepreneur, so knowing all the risks involved in crucial. Aside from that, I would say to speak with as many franchisees you can in order to elicit feedback and answer any questions you may have.

Anything else you’d like to add?
RM: Stay humble and hungry!

If you’re interested in franchising with GYMGUYZ or just seeing what it’s all about, give us a call at 1-855-GYM-GUYZ— you can be your own boss, too!