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West Hartford’s GYMGUYZ Looks to Revolutionize Fitness Industry

It’s quite clear that the town of West Hartford has no shortage of fitness outlets available to the public. Larger gyms in West Hartford and the surrounding area advertise “New Year’s Resolution” plans that entice those who felt like they didn’t make room for fitness in their life the year before.

Though the stigma is there, many realize the reality that if you didn’t work out the year before, chances are you won’t make plans to do it the year after, either. That’s where the GYMGUYZ come in.

Broken off from the usual payment-plan gyms where you’re being charged maintenance fees, waiting for your equipment, and driving all the way to the facility, GYMGUYZ is a fitness franchise that just opened up less than a month ago to the Greater Hartford area.

Franchise owner Mike Hughes said GYMGUYZ is the perfect fitness company – no maintenance fees, they come to you, and they tailor the program to your needs.

Started by CEO and founder Joshua York in 2008, the company has been thriving ever since its opening to expansion with franchises in 2013. The company prides itself on its mobile van, filled to the brim with over 300 pieces of essential workout equipment, brought to your house, a park, a pool, or any desired location you’d like to do your workout.

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