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Posts from November, 2016

  • Tips for Determining Your Best Pricing Strategy
    Q: What is your best advice for a founder who is trying to determine how much customers are willing to pay for a product or service? A: Understand the indirect competition. “How you should price a product varies dramatically between B2B and B2C offerings, but what most ...
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  • The New York Times: When Starting a Business, Consider the Liabilities
    In the start-up world, even the most careful entrepreneurs – with the latest gadgets – can find themselves facing unexpected legal trouble that could potentially derail a dream before it even sets off. Sometimes a new business owner tries to save money by ignoring certain ...
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  • No Excuses: GYMGUYZ Brings the Gym to You
    For 16 years and through two tours in Iraq, Dave Dequeljoe flew with a wingman as a Navy fighter pilot. He saw the importance of having a partner in accomplishing their mission. Now he wants to provide a wing man for people in reaching their fitness goals . Greenwich’s ...
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  • New Service Brings The Gym To It's Clients In The Region
    Don’t be surprised if you see a blur of red as you traverse the roads in the Philadelphia region. A trio of entrepreneurs is joining a group that’s establishing itself in the region to bring fitness to the masses in a new way. Called GYMGUYZ, the Plainview, N.Y., company ...
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  • Tenafly GYMGUYZ Revolutionize Fitness
    EDGEWATER, N.J. — Making it to the gym is half the battle when it comes to getting in shape, but an Edgewater-based fitness company has done away with that part altogether. The big, red GYMGUYZ van comes to its clients — equipment, trainers and all. “People recognize the ...
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