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Local Boca Raton Business Brings The Gym To You

Story and Photo By: Aaron Tefel

GYMGUYZ is a new and creative way that brings customized and creative workouts straight to your door.

The franchise, which is headquartered in Plainview, New York, was created by its founder, Josh York, back in 2008. With 70 locations in 18 states, GYMGUYZ aims to aid people accomplish their exercise and fitness needs by serving them at the location of their choosing.

“We are in the business of fitness, but we really are in the business of changing lives,” said Josh York, CEO of GYMGUYZ. “My aim for this company is to help people achieve their fitness goals at their homes, work, place of worship, or any other place that is convenient to the client. We come to you to make a difference.”

York’s vision of the brand is no small feat, where he plans to expand his franchise to not only serve residents of the United States, but people around the world. The goal is to have 4,000 locations worldwide over the course of the next 10 years. The international growth will begin soon and it will start first in Canada. Canada will begin seeing GYMGUYZ operating there as early as this coming October or November.

The concept of GYMGUYZ came to York, who has been in the personal training business since 1995, one day when someone he was training came to him saying they wish he could come to their house for the personal training instead of the gym all the time.

When it came to the idea of expanding the GYMGUYZ brand into Boca Raton and other areas of Palm Beach County, York knew it was a no-brainer due to the location and the varied demographic. Another aspect that made York feel confidentĀ  was in his new franchisee, Rick Pirozak, who will headline the Boca operations.

“This company is all about family and Rick is family,” York said. “He brings a lot of energy and motivation, so he was a sure fit for our brand.”

Pirozak, who is currently building his team to work with him in the Boca area, described why he thinks the Boca community will benefit from GYMGUYZ and shed some light as to why he wanted to get into personal training.

“I got into weight training early on in college and that really helped my life, where ever since I have been committed to health and fitness,” Pirozak said. “With this reasoning in mind there is another motivation that drives me to do what I do.”

Pirozak went on to talk about how all of his grandparents lived well into their 90’s, but that his parents passed in their 70’s.

“Even though my father was very athletic when he grew up, he didn’t really take care of himself in his later years,” Pirozak said. “And my mother really never got into exercise and nutrition. I want to take this experience especially for others that are in my shoes, people in their 30’s and 40’s, so that they will not have to worry about their parents passing away too soon. We should all be living well into our 80’s, 90’s, and beyond, where I want people to have productive lives. I want to make sure every person that I work with through GYMGUYZ Boca Raton has that chance as well.”

With the convenience that GYMGUYZ provides, Pirozak stated that non-believers, who say they have no time after the work day or their busy schedule to exercise, should have no excuses.

“We incorporate really fun creative workouts, combining core training, high-intensity interval training, and functional-strength training,” Pirozak said. “So you are not just bulking up and getting big. Everything we train is to improve your quality of life. So there’s no excuse, pick up the phone, open the door, and we at GYMGUYZ will do the rest for that hour we work with you. We will do this over and over again until you get into the best shape of your life.”