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Posts from December, 2022

  • Three foolproof ways to set fitness resolutions for the New Year and actually crush them.
    It’s that time of the year again. That time when just about everyone you know is rocking their new gym sneakers ready to transform their fitness in one way or another. Maybe they’ll set out to run a marathon, join a fitness competition, or just simply try to lose weight – ...
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  • Top 10 Things an In-Home Personal Trainer Will Do For You (Part 2)
    Continued from Part 1: #6 PROVIDE INSTANT SATISFACTION That feeling of satisfaction you feel after a great workout, they’ll help you feel it every time (instantaneously). Whether it’s a post-workout selfie that you can look back on or the sweaty boost you feel during a ...
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  • The Personal Training Holiday Advent Calendar (Part 2)
    List continued below. Enjoy your read: Safety Unfortunately, the holiday season is also cold & flu season. Working with an In-Home Personal Trainer in the comfort of your home lessens your exposure to germs than working out in a gym. Spread health tips, not germs! Meditation ...
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  • The Personal Training Holiday Advent Calendar (Part 1)
    1. Hire a Personal Trainer Preferably an In-Home & On-Site personal trainer from GYMGUYZ! 2. Community Join a community of likeminded people who will work to build you up and keep you motivated towards achieving your health and fitness goals. 3. Mental Clarity Exercise ...
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