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See What Our Franchisees Are Saying

  • Meet Eddie & Rene Taubensee and Jay & Yvonne Zavada - GYMGUYZ Orlando

    "We love being part of GYMGUYZ Orlando West because it's something that is bigger than ourselves, and we want to do something that is big, growing and impacting people's lives". 

  • Meet matt Owens - GymGuyz Metuchen

    Before owning a GYMGUYZ Matt Owens was a Division I baseball coach at Saint Peters University. Matt was attracted to the business because of the growth opportunity and it was a "no-brainier" when he realized he could impact an assortment of lives, ranging from kids to senior citizens. In the beginning Owens chose to become an owner-operator, working with the clients hands but recently he has been building a team which has given him more freedom and time to manage the business. This business has been incredible rewarding for Matt and he feels that what he puts in he gets out and he can't wait to continue to grow is his business!

  • Meet Josh Grinstead - GYMGUYZ Eastern Bergen County

    Before purchasing a GYMGUYZ franchise, Josh worked in the higher education sector where he focused on sales, business development and operations. He reached a point in his career where he had plateaued professionally yet had not plateaued with his potential. The reason he chose to go into GYMGUYZ is because of its great business model. "The opportunities in this space are really strong and there is no one else in this location based aspect of fitness doing it quite the way GYMGUYZ is doing it". Josh is very interactive with his clients and community.

  • LeRoy Huggins - GYMGUYZ North Essex Lower Passaic

    LeRoy joined the GYMGUYZ family because of the genuine feeling you have after meeting someone from the team. LeRoy says "GYMGUYZ cares about the clients, coaches and each other."

  • Meet Robin Hjalte - GYMGUYZ Bay Ridge

    Robin Hjalte was one of the original franchisees. She started her own business 4 years a go because of the energy the CEO, Josh York brought to the table. "GYMGUYZ has built a brand, culture, corporate team and a family of franchisees that by far surpasses anything that is out there and we are changing lives around the country".

A few more...


    “After spending our entire careers in corporate America, as a family we wanted more than a career working for others. We wanted to control our own destiny and build something that was ours; we desired to be entrepreneurs in a business we were passionate about waking up loving what we do every day. Our passion has always been in fitness. After researching multiple fitness franchise opportunities, we came across GYMGUYZ and we were instantly intrigued by the concept. We had several calls with GYMGUYZ; after each call we came away excited about the possibilities. When exploring out options, we spoke with other franchises and left the conversations feeling as if something was missing. This wasn’t the case with GYMGUYZ; every team member spoke about their vision with passion and an enthusiasm that was contagious. A year in the business and the entire GYMGUYZ family is just as supportive, passionate and encouraging as they were during our first call. Their support, relentless efforts to be the best and the scalability of the business remind us why we became a part of their family. It’s a grind and hard work where we have to put ourselves out there and be vulnerable; with that said, if we had to do it all again, we wouldn’t hesitate. There is no doubt in our minds, we joined the best franchise for our family and we are part of something special that is going worldwide.”


    “Being a franchisee for GYMGUYZ has fulfilled and balanced me in a way that no other job has. Not only does being an owner and operator push me to be in the best shape that I can be, but it pushes me to test my limits in a way I never have before. Being part of this GYMGUYZ family inspires me to strengthen my weaknesses, it motivates me to support my clients with all that I have and it gives me a sense of pride in the work that I am doing. I feel honored to be working with the phenomenal human beings that make up our corporate team and I feel respect and camaraderie with my fellow GYMGUYZ franchisees. As we say, “We are in the business of changing lives!”, and I get validation of that daily. I feel empowered with the fact that I have carefully selected an incredible team of coaches. They already feel like family to me! I can say with pure confidence that each of them are good-hearted individuals, talented, skilled, and are as motivated as myself to build this brand! I am proud to be the first franchisee on the West Coast and enjoy educating and supporting the newest members of our family. These past 5 ½ months has stimulated an interest in health and fitness within my own family. I feel proud that my children are witnessing the importance of exercise and are creating that for themselves. I feel grateful that this experience has gotten my family and I more involved in giving back to our community by participating in events. I believe that I am part of something that is bigger than my individual business and I know in my heart that GYMGUYZ will not only be WORLDWIDE but will revolutionize the fitness industry!”


    “Joining the GYMGUYZ team was a leap of faith and it turned out to be the best decision I ever made. Josh and his team have provided terrific support since the beginning. No matter what time of the day or how trivial the question, the GYMGUYZ team is always there to help its franchisees. If you love fitness and want to own your own business, there is no one else out there that compares to GYMGUYZ.”


    “In the short time we have been franchise owners, the business has outperformed our expectations by far. We have grown quickly and have a great team of coaches that are committed to the services GYMGUYZ delivers. It is awesome to be a part of changing people’s lives. We have the power to make an extreme impact of health and wellness in each of our clients. Being a GYMGUYZ franchisee means being a part of a team of people with the same beliefs and goals for themselves and the people we interact with. Josh has a great process and product and our team has proven that by following GYMGUYZ processes we are on pace to be very successful. I would recommend that if you have the passion to change lives, work with awesome people and make a great living, join GYMGUYZ.”