GYMGUYZ Confidence Campaign FAQs

1. Who can be nominated for the GYMGUYZ Confidence Campaign?
Any child in need of confidence boosting between the ages of 5 and 18 years old may be nominated.


2. Does the child have to be overweight to be nominated?
No. The goal of the GYMGUYZ Confidence Campaign is to inspire positivity in children, families and our communities.


3. How do I nominate a child?
Simply fill out the form here: Confidence Campaign Nomination Form and we will be in touch!


4. How do I find out if there is a GYMGUYZ location near me?
Search your location to find the GYMGUYZ location nearest you.


5. Will the child know who nominated them?
For legal reasons, we will inform the parent/guardian of their child’s nomination and reveal the person who nominated their child.


6. What does the chosen nominated child receive?
Three (3) months of personal training on a once per week basis and they are able to participate in the group training class presented to all other nominated children, free of charge.


7. What do the nominated (non-winning children) receive?
All nominated children will be offered a discounted group training class on a once per week basis for three (3) months.


8. What happens after the three (3) months?
The GYMGUYZ location will hold a “Graduation” to celebrate the success of these amazing children.


9. There isn’t a GYMGUYZ location near me. What can I do?
We are going worldwide! In the meantime, please let us know where you would like to see a GYMGUYZ location. Email

10. What are the obligations of the “winning” child?
The “winning” child is expected, but not required, to attend personal training on a once per week basis. If for whatever reason, you need to cancel, 24-hours cancellation notice is required. Should the child miss three (3) personal training classes in a row, it is up to the discretion of the GYMGUYZ location to decide whether they will keep training the child.


11. What are the obligations of the other nominated children should they want to participate in the discounted weekly group training class?
Children are expected, but not required, to attend each weekly group training class. Payments are not refunded should a child miss a class. 24-hours cancellation notice is required.


12. Will my child be featured in any GYMGUYZ videos/ photos?
Because we want to spread awareness about the GYMGUYZ Confidence Campaign to help more children in need of confidence boosting, we do ask that each parent/guardian of the participating child sign a waiver allowing us to use their photos/ videos on our social media platforms.


13. My child is physically/ mentally disabled; can he/she be eligible for the GYMGUYZ Confidence Campaign?
We will do everything we possibly can to accommodate all nominated children. We ask that you provide all necessary medical information in advance so that we can best structure the workouts.


14. Does my child need to bring anything to his/her personal training sessions? Or group workouts?
Your GYMGUYZ fitness coach will inform you of anything specific you need to bring. However, comfortable clothing, sneakers and water to keep your child hydrated is required.


15. Do I need to be present during my child’s sessions?
We would like parents/guardians present for the first session. However, after that, we do not require parents/guardians to be present during the training sessions. However, we do ask you to kindly be on time when picking up your child.



Success Stories

Success Stories