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Meet Our Team

  • Katie

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Certifications/College Degree(s): BA Psychology, MA Anthropology, ACE Personal Trainer since 2002, Sample certifications; YMCA Group Exercise Instructor, TRX Level 1, YMCA Strength & Conditioning Course Teacher, Yoga for Personal Training. About: My journey in Fitness began in weightlifting several decades ago, as a way to alter lifestyle habits, and the direction of my life. With regular dedication and dramatic results, it wasn't long before others in the gym, including my friends, began to ask for training tips, information or help. Several years later I began teaching classes and loved it! With thousands of hours of training, teaching and managing fitness centers under my belt, regular examples of Client success include; 100 pound weight loss, training for 100 mile century bike races, and no longer needing medications due to consistent and progressive changes in diet and exercise. My specialties are helping clients regain strength and health in midlife, working with women's health issues, weight loss, flexibility, older adult exercise, adaptive fitness, pre and post rehab for knees and hips, as well as recovery from a traumatic life event through body movement. My approach is to consider all factors, such as time management, competing demands of family or community, to listen and watch attentively, have fun, and respect the client's inherent wisdom as the steward of their body. To better address providing guidance in changing lifestyle habits, my scope of practice is expanding to include comprehensive Health and Wellness Coaching. Teaching corporate classes for GymGuyz Marin is such a privilege to help students make positive changes in their wellbeing and quality of their lives!

  • Angela

    Certified Personal Trainer

    My name is Angela Martin. I have been a fitness trainer in the Bay Area since 2005. I am NASM certified and hold a HCC (Holistic Health Coaching) certificate from IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition). I joined GYMGUYZ in March 2018. Anne Lamott’s writing and humor remains a constant joy in my life. Not only does she make me laugh she reminds me to add levity to life. “The road to enlightenment is long and difficult, you should try not to forget snacks and magazines!” Anne Lamott I love to bike, hike and run and when I have extra time to myself I enjoy paddle boarding. Having young kids and an adventuresome husband keep me very active too!

  • Ross

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Certifications/College Degree(s): ACE Personal Trainer Favorite Quote: "Do what you love and the money will follow" Activities You Do To Stay in Shape: Hiking, Running, Dancing, HIIT, Pilates, and Functional Training

  • Mike

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Fitness Background: 2 years as a Fitness Trainer/Instructor Certifications/College Degree(s): Certificate by ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) as a Personal Fitness Trainer currently working on Nutrition Coach Certification as well as Group Fitness Certification Favorite Quote: “As you think, so shall you become” - Bruce Lee Activities You Do To Stay in Shape: One of the many things I enjoy in life is playing with my kids, especially my 2-year-old son. From making paper airplanes to working in the garden together. My wife and I like to hike as a family along with many other activities such as camping. One of the things that really got me into staying active and healthy was competing in Mixed Martial Arts. Now I am an instructor for Muay Thai Kickboxing at a local community center.

  • Leslie

    GYMGUYZ Owner

    Leslie Dempsey San Rafael, California Marin County “Feel the fear, do it anyway”- Jo-Ann Houston shared this quote at GG training After I had my two children, I was on a mission to get back in shape. I started going into the gym and my husband Brain helped my with programming for weight loss and muscle building. I was also focused on nutrition. I got in the best shape in my life and started empowering others to do the same! I have played all types of sports but found my passion in Dance. I am trained in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and modern dance. Last year I found a great passion in Pole Fitness and now I train twice a week! My mission is to build a business that empowers our clients to change their lives and be the healthiest they can be! We are all about enhancing our clients lives by motivating them, holding them accountable and providing support in them most loving and compassionate way. My husband Brian, is a co owner and while he has a full time job in the staffing and recruiting industry, he is a constant help and support in operating GYMGUYZ! He is my rock and his ambition and energy is an inspiration to me. On June 17th we are celebrating our 11 year wedding anniversary and 12 years together! He loves mountain biking and swimming. Brian is the most amazing father to our children and the greatest partner a woman can ask for. My favorite thing about him is his unwavering loyalty to me, our family and the life we have built together. My daughter Layla is about to be 7 years old and she loves art, reading, swimming, gymnastics and dance. Her athleticism constantly surprises me and her kindness towards others makes me beam with pride. For being so young she has such a strong sense of responsibility and need to do what is right. Layla is always ready for the next adventure, loves to travel, loves to be around the ones she loves and she is so intelligent. My son Jack will be 4 in September and he loves swimming, and building and creating things. He has such an outgoing personality and his humor makes me laugh out loud everyday! While he has strong opinions he is so loving and affectionate. In being a parent, what I most proud of is the value my children place on our family unity! My son is always talking about how we are a team and my daughter places the utmost emphasis on our family bond. I am a certified fitness trainer and plan on getting a certification on nutrition as well!

  • Sallumeh

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Fitness Background: 10+ in the industry Certifications/College Degree(s): - ISSA - BA of arts in Graphic Design Favorite Quote: “Everything in moderation” - by yours truly Activities You Do To Stay in Shape: -Run alongside my boys as they ride their bikes. -solo HIIT bootcamp workouts in my living room with Spotify