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Get Outside

As the weather started to shift in the fall, my son’s preschool sent a notice home reminding us about their cold weather policy. The notice was a reminder us to dress our kiddos appropriately because unless there were extreme weather conditions, they would be going outside. At the time I remember thinking that it sounded a little extreme. But those teachers are so wise and know the benefits our bodies get from even the smallest amount of fresh air each day.

Prior to our stay at home orders, most of us were forced into a little outside time every day. At a minimum, it might have just been the in and out from the car to the office, to the store, or to pick the kids up. But now, we have to make a plan to go outside. Most of us are not going anywhere and thus could finish an entire day without even stepping outside. Going outside is no longer a part of most of our daily essential routines. It is now something we have to think about and make an effort to do.

When you do get outside, do you notice how much better you feel? Do you notice the change in your energy and mood?

The benefits start with the Vitamin D we get from the sun. It is that instant mood and energy boost. The fresh air is part of the thing that makes us more joyful. It also helps to clean that lungs and reinforce your immune system that is so essential right now.

Take this time to get outside and take a deep breath for a little bit of time every day. Whether it is going for a walk, sitting outside for a meeting, or playing with your kids. Rain or shine, no excuses. Do it every day and pay attention to how you are feeling. I assure you, you will notice a difference in your energy and mood. You will find yourself craving it more and more.