Professional Training Services in Manhattan Beach

Certified Expertise & Customized Workout Routines

Whether you want to build muscle, recover after injury, develop new workout habits, or stay fit in the off-season, our personal trainers in Manhattan Beach have you covered.

GYMGUYZ South Bay provides a variety of fitness coaching services for individuals of any age or skill level. We also provide group training services if you want to workout with friends, family or a team.

Fitness Coaches That Listen to You

One of the topmost (possibly the #1) priority for every member of our fitness team is personalization. This is why we start off with an initial assessment. During the free opening assessment, we will establish your preferences, discover your goals, and decide on a plan of attack for reaching those goals. Essentially, our Manhattan Beach training services are built totally around you and your needs, health, preferences, goals, and interests.

More Reasons to Choose Our Fitness Professionals

Here are a few reasons our certified training coaches are the best fitness investment you can make.

Fitness training built around your needs, health, preferences, goals, and interests.

Attention to Technique

Technique is the foundation to any workout routine. Before focusing on strength or endurance, proper technique is necessary to prevent injury and to reach peak performance.

Quality Equipment

Each of our service vans is fully equipped with a wide range of high-quality workout equipment. We have everything you need to hone in on strength, flexibility, and balance.

Holistic Advice

Fitness is made up of much more than just basic exercise. It consists of daily habits, proper nutrition, and a long-term mindset. To help you stay fully equipped, our coaches can share advice on broader questions about health and lifestyle.

Enjoyment & Variety

Most people think about working out as a chore or a form of necessary suffering. We do not think this has to be the case. A well-designed workout routine should include a variety of workouts that are challenging yet enjoyable.

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