Matthews Personal Trainers

Personalized Workouts In-Person & Online

More and more people are realizing that the gym environment is something they would rather avoid. The crowds, noise, smells, and busyness are causing people to look for alternatives. This is where GYMGUYZ South Charlotte comes in.

Our certified personal trainers in Matthews provide all the benefits of a gym membership with none of the drawbacks. You can enjoy working out the way you've always wanted to, free from distractions and discomfort.

Our fitness coaches have a broad range of qualifications:

  • Certified Fitness Specialist (EXOS)
  • Health & Fitness Specialist
  • Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)
  • Nutrition Coach (NASM)
  • Exercise Physiologist (ACSM)

To learn more about our fitness programs in Matthews, call (980) 291-9135 or schedule a free first session.

Setting Goals You Can Achieve

Goals for Weight Loss

If you want to focus on burning fat, our team can provide the right balance of cardio and strength training to help you eliminate excess calories. We will also advise you on the right choices in terms of diet and nutrition since this is often half the battle when it comes to staying in shape.

Goals for Athletic Performance

If you are a student or athlete looking to up your game in-season or off-season, we can help. We will help you to sharpen all essential functional movements as well as build up endurance, agility, balance and other core skills related to your sport.

Goals for Strength & Building Muscle

Sometimes, even the most experienced weightlifter needs to overhaul their entire routine. Doing the same workouts on repeat is one of the fastest ways to hit a plateau and stop growing. Our Matthews personal trainers can design workouts that will hit your muscles in new and unique ways.

Goals for Developing Healthy Habits

Many individuals start working with a fitness trainer because they want to live a healthier lifestyle. Our fitness coaches can provide insight on how to think holistically about exercise, diet, and daily living.

Why Clients Prefer to Work With Our Trainers

  • We provide consistent constructive and positive feedback
  • We can workout anywhere (rec center, park, garage, yard, basement, office)
  • We keep things exciting with new and changing routines
  • We bring a van filled with all the equipment you will need

You can reach us at (980) 291-9135 to schedule a session with one of our certified personal trainers in Matthews.