Specialty Services

Specialty Services

Kickboxing Training - Personalized Programs Offering Myriad Benefits

Whether you’re new to fitness or you’re simply looking for a more exciting workout routine, turn to GYMGUYZ. We can introduce you to kickboxing, a challenging and fun workout that works core muscles and adds variety to endurance and strength training.

Our kickboxing training sessions are designed to help you:

  • Burn calories quickly
  • Improve overall flexibility
  • Improve self-defense skills
  • Take on a fun and exciting challenge
  • Improve posture and coordination

The GYMGUYZ Difference

We utilize the relevant training methods and principles of kickboxing to add an extra level of intensity to your personal training. From skipping rope to running and other forms of ground-based exercise, our programs are designed to focus on your core and may also include stability and flexibility training. And of course, you’ll also learn how to unleash kicks and throw punches.

Whether you have a passion for martial arts or you simply want to add some diversity into your workout routine, GYMGUYZ is fully equipped to bring kickboxing training sessions to you.

Keeping Workouts Healthy & Fun

While everyone can benefit from the various exercises that our kickboxing programs have to offer, please remember that not everyone is a perfect fit for these intense programs. GYMGUYZ personal training coaches can help you build the core strength necessary for kickboxing by adding extra balance and core work to your regular workout routine. Kickboxing is a high-energy workout that adds fun and new skills to your exercise routine.

Obstacle Course Training - Taking Personal Training to a Whole New Level

Mud Runs, obstacle courses, and other physical endurance events combine, speed, agility, and strength. Regardless of your current fitness level, GYMGUYZ can create a training program that builds your endurance skills. You will improve your short-distance strength, long-distance endurance, or both!

Custom Training from Our Professional Coaches

Because no two trainees are the same, our obstacle course training programs can be customized to help you improve exactly what you need to work on to run a successful race. Our coaches can provide you with an entirely new perspective on how to manage your personal fitness at a challenging and fun level.

Your personal obstacle course training coach will concentrate on:

  • Coordination
  • Balance
  • Core stability
  • Power
  • Strength
  • Mental performance

GYMGUYZ obstacle course workouts are packed with charismatic, energizing, and exhilarating routines.

Helping You Achieve Your Goals

GYMGUYZ doesn’t stray from challenges and neither should you! If you wish to make this program your primary method of becoming more fit, we can sit down and determine a workout plan and schedule that works best for you, whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or simply starting out.

Pool Workouts - Dive into Fitness with GYMGUYZ

Workouts in a swimming pool offer a variety of benefits including cardio endurance and stress relief. These workouts are also effective for weight loss. GYMGUYZ comes to you whether you exercise at home or at a community pool, our certified training staff will prepare a fun and challenging workout.

Explore the Benefits

Your GYMGUYZ personal coach can demonstrate various exercises such as leg lifts, water jogging, water squats, and more. Improve your muscular strength and endurance with one-on-one sessions.

The benefits of working out in a pool include:

  • Strengthen multiple parts of your body at once
  • Put less strain on the body than other cardio workouts
  • Can help you stay fit while recovering from an injury
  • Offer low-impact exercises that help burn calories

GYMGUYZ will customize a training program to your body type and your own personal goals, whether you want to lose weight, build endurance, or improve body strength.

Pool Workouts Add Resistance & Boost Body Benefits

Because water is so much denser than air, the resistance it puts on your body will strengthen and tone your muscles faster. This effect will be stronger when performing your exercises in deeper water. Try performing your pool workouts in a heated pool if possible. This will help relax your muscles and improve your flexibility.

Performing GYMGUYZ pool workouts on a regular basis can help you reach your fitness goals fast. Call (855) 496-4899 to schedule a free session with our personal trainers.