Day 2 - Motivation

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Day 2 - Motivation

Day 2 - Motivation

Today is my first workout session with GYMGUYZ Triangle. Joy arrived slightly early and my dogs were extremely happy to see her. I hadn’t worked out in so long so I had trouble figuring out how much I could take. I was so used to using 20 pound weights so it was a bit jarring to find that I can no longer lift that much. I kept trying to go full blast and lifting the weights that I used to be able to lift, but Joy was good about holding me back so I could survive the whole workout. She was also really good about correcting my form. I did have a few dizzy spells because I had so little sleep the night before (only 4 hours).


I also need to remember all the pain of being unfit has caused me. Here are my reasons why I want to get fit and lose weight:

- Being fat makes it difficult to shop for clothes since I have to look in a mirror

- Being fat makes sitting uncomfortable since I had a large belly

- I'm really limited in the types of clothes that I can wear

- I'm really clumsy and have a hard time being agile since I'm so fat

- I'm scared of getting type 2 diabetes

- My cholesterol is really high now

- I'm scared of getting congested heart failure

- I want to look good for my boyfriend

- I want my family to stop nagging me about my weight

- I never want to weigh 200 pounds and I'm so close to that

- I'm 30, I have been trying to lose weight 15 years, after 15 years I should have this under control

- I want to look less dumpy