Day 3

Day 3

Joy was on time, very friendly and professional! The challenge level was perfect.Today I saw great progress-- I didn't feel dizzy when working out. Not only that, but I have the perfect level of soreness, sore enough to know I got a good work out, but not too sore I can't do the stuff that I need to efficiently. During this session, I was able to function better because I wasn’t brain dead. While I made progress on getting more sleep, it still isn’t enough. However, I felt so much better. I hope to get more sleep in the future.

Oh! I love love love the foam roller. My back is so sore!

My eating however, is getting crazy. Today I binged like crazy and didn't eat healthy. I need to re-listen to my book Never Binge Again. I have stopped using the techniques. It helped me to give up sugar and bread for 31 days. I’ll need to get back on the horse!

For me, the 3 most important things in my life are: God, my family, and my boyfriend. They are my motivation for getting fit.