"Two Months ago I hit 200 pounds"

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"Two Months ago I hit 200 pounds"

Two months ago I hit 200 pounds. Yep, 200 pounds. I have been struggling with my weight since middle school. My cholesterol also increased. Two months ago I also hit the big 3-0. It is that magical number where you need to have all your ducks in a row.

GYMGUYZ success story selfie

Since then, I managed to lose some weight before I hit the dreaded plateau. The horror among all weight loss plans. But, hey, at least I’m not gaining. I’m actually pretty happy so far. However, I found myself slipping from those good habits that I had established when a wave of late nights at the office hit me. That always kills my progress. Because of that, I decided it is time to get professional help. That is where GYMGUYZ Triangle stepped in.

I’m currently working with GYMGUYZ to help make myself healthier. I’m really excited about this. Oh, and I also got some cool swag- a t-shirt and a water bottle! Today we sat down to talk about my fitness goals and to complete my fitness tests. My goals are to improve my sleep time to 8 hours a day, get more energy, lose weight, and fix my posture. After that, I weighed in and learned that I have about 29 pounds of muscles and my visceral fat score was 8. That was pretty cool, I have always wanted to know if I had more visceral or subcutaneous fat. Even though I am obese, I always guessed that I didn’t have a problem with visceral fat. I’m glad to the test confirmed that I was right. Joy, who will be training me, also took my measurements.

After that, we started my fitness test. It was a series of circuits that involved push up, squats, jumping jacks and other simple workouts. The one that really got me was the jump squats. While all the other exercises were very easy, that one was really hard.

Overall, I really like Joy and Jeff, GYMGUYZ Triangle owner, who came along for my free assessment. Both were very friendly and considerate. They were very respectful when taking my measurements and attentive to my needs. Not only that, but they loved my dogs; always a plus.

Since this is my first day, I should give some background about myself. Back when I was in high school, I weighed about 145. Then my weight jumped to 185 in college. Then it fell back down to 165 pounds before slowly rising to 200 pounds. Now I’m at 192. Below is a graph showing my weight starting from my Freshman year of college to the present. As you can tell, my last 12 years of working out and dieting on my own have not worked.

Cholesterol chart

Since last year my cholesterol numbers are elevated. My total cholesterol is borderline high risk. My triglycerides, however, are really high 448mg/dL. They basically doubled from last year of 250.

My diet this year has not been good. Donuts and chocolate are plentiful at work. So plentiful, that I gained 20 pounds. Oops...

My sleep habits have always been bad. Since High school I usually sleep 6 hours a night and I can feel that it isn’t enough. I really need 8 hours a night.

I’m really looking forward to working with GYMGUYZ to become a healthier version of myself.