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  • Photo of Jeff
    Jeff GYMGUYZ Owner
    Photo of Jeff
    Jeff GYMGUYZ Owner
    Favorite Quote
    "You can make progress or you can make excuses....but you can't make both." - Herb Brooks

    Fitness Background
    25 years of developing, mentoring, and coaching athletes

    BA in Business Administration, University of Saint Thomas

    My Mission
    At GYMGUYZ Triangle, our goal is to change people’s lives through passion and a strong value system. We are dedicated to creating a positive and encouraging environment for growth. As the leader in Home Personal Training, we take pride in providing convenient, customized and creative workouts that results in a new you.

    Married to wife, Torrey Beth and 2 children
  • Photo of Joy
    Joy Personal Trainer
    Photo of Joy
    Joy Personal Trainer
    Philosophy: I have been on a health and fitness journey and I am ready to share my passion with others. Fitness has changed my life and helped me overcome a lot of obstacles including a loss of 98 pounds! I never knew I could feel this good. Fitness is a complex thing that looks different for everyone. I want to help people take steps in reaching their goals!

    # of years working as a trainer/coach: 3 years

    Certifications: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Red Cross CPR, First Aid, AED

    Education: Bachelor of Science Degree in Education, Masters in Education, National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified.

    Favorite Quote: "It take physical strength to begin, and mental strength to finish!"

    Activities you do to stay in shape: Weight lifting, Spartan/Obstacle Course Race Training, high intensity cardio workouts, running
  • Photo of Paul
    Paul Personal Trainer
    Photo of Paul
    Paul Personal Trainer
    Philosophy: I used to think that fitness was how much weight I could lift or how far I could run, but now I know its so much more. I train my clients to have a well rounded approach to fitness so that you don't just look good, but feel good for the rest of your life based around your flexibility, strength, and cardio function. Fitness should be for life, not just for your younger years!

    # of years working as a trainer/coach: 3 years

    Certifications: ACE Personal Trainer, American Heart Association CPR and First Aid

    Education: AS degree in exercise science from Manchester Community College, Internship at Focus Physical Therapy in Hooksett, NH

    Favorite Quote: "there is no passion to be found in settling for a life less than the one you are capable of living"- Nelson Mandela

    Activities you do to stay in shape: Weight lifting, resistance band work, high intensity cardio workouts, volleyball, playing with the dog
  • Photo of Shonna
    Shonna Personal Trainer
    Photo of Shonna
    Shonna Personal Trainer
    Philosophy: My goal in personal training is to help clients live a better quality of life and to help them achieve their goals through proper fitness techniques, corrective exercise and good health and nutritional habits. With an extensive background in coaching and group exercise I am able to offer creative, fun and beneficial exercise programs customized for your needs. I love to watch my clients achieve aspects of fitness they never thought possible!

    Number of years: 12 years as a Competitive Cheer and tumbling Coach for All stars and Merrimack NH High School Varsity
    Personal training for 4 years

    Certifications: National Personal Training Institute and CPR/First Aid Certified

    Education: National Personal training Institute School
    Associates in Human Services

    Favorite Quote: "Sometimes you have to take a step back to take a step forward"
    "Win at practice then pick up the trophy at competition" (No clue on sources)

    Personal Activities to stay in shape: Circuit training, HIIT and strength training