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Move For Your Mental Health

Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

Mental illness is among the most common


Mental illness is among the most common health conditions in The United States. Exercise is great for mental health; It minimizes anxiety, stress, and depression. Exercise also improves psychological, physiological and immunological functions.

Mental Benefits

Studies show that exercise can treat mild to moderate depression just as effectively as some antidepressants. Exercise is also effective in the reduction of anxiety and releases endorphins that help boost mood. In addition, it is great for stress reduction as it boosts mental and physical energy.

More Benefits.

Exercise has many other mental benefits, here are just a few:

Sharpens memory.

Higher self-esteem.

Better sleep.

More energy.

How to Start

To Start working out here are a few things you can do:

Starting small is a great first step. You don’t have to workout for a long time, start with what you can even if it's only 10 minutes. It is better than nothing.

Get comfortable. Find a good place that you are comfortable and do your workout free of stress.

Reward yourself. Have fun with your exercise and reward yourself when you reach your goals. This will help improve your positive association with fitness further benefiting your mental health.

Remember to never give up on yourself, you are important and that exercise may help your mental state in addition to its other benefits.