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Healthy Aging Month

Activity In Later Years

Fitness is a lifelong journey. You are never too old to get started or continue your fitness. GYMGUYZ Williamsburg has put together some of our best tips to help keep you active.

Healthy Aging Month

Tips To Stay Active

Being active can become increasingly difficult as we age due to the body not recovering as fast and efficiently as it used to. However, there are many ways we can still be active and protect our bodies.

  1. Low impact exercises: Yoga, Pilates, Aqua aerobics
  2. Live a more active lifestyle: Walking, Gardening, Golfing
  3. Light Strength training
  4. Hire a trainer

Benefits of Being Active

Being active has many benefits that will improve the quality of life for the elderly population. Staying active helps elderly people maintain independence, reduces the risk of age-related illness and injuries and also helps improve bone health.

Healthy Aging MonthHow to Get Started

Safety is most important when beginning any form of activity. Before starting any activity consult with a doctor. Also, seek professional help whether it is a physical therapist or personal trainer a professional will be the best option to ensure safety. Finally, Listen to your body. Pay attention to how your body feels and if something feels too much respect your body’s limits.