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3 At-Home Workouts!

2022 is here! Let's start off the year getting in shape. Working out can be very intimidating from the large gyms to equipment that you need just short of a Ph.D. to operate. The good news for you is we can get in shape with little to no equipment at all. Here are 3 workouts you can do at home.

Workout 1 (Legs)
3 rounds

1. 20x Bodyweight Squats
2. 10x Lunges (each leg)
3.  Wall sits (30 sec)
4.  15x Hip thrust
5.  15x Side-lying hip abduction (each leg)

Workout 2 (upper)
3 rounds

1.  10x Push-ups
2.  10x Chair dips
3.  10x Plank to Downward Dog
4.  10x Plank push-ups
5.  50x punches

Workout 3 (Abs)
3 rounds

1.  20x Crunches
2.  10x leg lifts
3.  20x Russian twist
4.  20x Flutter kicks
5.  Plank (30 sec)