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The Importance of Recovery

Why Must we Recover?

Getting enough rest after exercise is essential to performance. But many still feel guilty when they take a day off. One way to help relieve this guilt is to understand the many benefits that a rest day has to offer.

woman using muscle massager for recovery

Benefits of Recovery

There are many different benefits to recovery days here are a few:

  1. Helps muscles repair and grow
  2. Reduce stress
  3. Prevent injury
  4. Prevent overtraining

Types of recovery

There are two types of recovery Active recovery and Passive recovery. The easy way to remember the difference is active recovery is a light exercise and stretches that get the blood flowing to promote accelerated recovery. Passive recovery is a complete day of rest to let the body heal.

When do you need to recover?

Your body knows when it needs rest. LISTEN TO IT! If you notice your soreness lasting for multiple-day or you start to feel bad or sick, that is a good sign you made need to take a rest. Rest is different for everyone so take extra time if needed before returning to your routine. Don’t let the stress of not working out today ruin the rest your body needs it.

Feel good perform well!