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  • 3 At-Home Workouts!
    2022 is here! Let's start off the year getting in shape. Working out can be very intimidating from the large gyms to equipment that you need just short of a Ph.D. to operate. The good news for you is we can get in shape with little to no equipment at all. Here are 3 workouts ...
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  • 3 Things to Do Before the New Year to Reach Your Fitness Goals!
    End of a Crazy Year! 2020 was a crazy year , to say the least. A lot has happened and many of our goals have changed drastically. However, 2021 is right around the corner and now is a perfect time to set new goals for the new year. SETTING GOALS. Going into 2021 it is ...
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Health Benefits

  • Move For Your Mental Health
    Mental Health Benefits of Exercise Introduction Mental illness is among the most common health conditions in The United States. Exercise is great for mental health; It minimizes anxiety, stress, and depression. Exercise also improves psychological, physiological and ...
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  • Hydration and Fitness: The Importance of Hydration for Fitness
    Did you know up to 60% of the human body is made of water and the brain and heart are as much as 73% water. Water is vital for the body to function. Water can affect cardiovascular health, joints, brain health and muscular functionality Benefits of proper hydration The ...
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    Your Goals have been set! 2021 is here and your fitness goals have been set. Goals ranging from losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle, to running a marathon or competing in a competition. No matter the goal personal training is perfect for you to reach that set goal. ...
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  • GYMGUYZ Walks for Multiple Sclerosis
    GYMGUYZ Williamsburg is the local presenting sponsor of National Multiple Sclerosis Walk on May 1 st . GYMGUYZ owner Kristin Doherty has walked for over ten years and has raised over $20,000 to honor her mom, Sandra Strauss, who passed away from MS. My mom, Sandra Strauss, ...
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  • Staying Fit During the Holidays!
    5 things you must do before the holidays. The holiday season is here and meals are getting bigger, and our time to workout is slowly beginning to dwindle. You have worked hard all year to reach your fitness goals, but We still have to beat the holidays. GYMGUYZ is here to ...
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