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Meet Our Team

  • Barb

    GYMGUYZ Owner

    I live in Lone Tree, Colorado and my business serves clients in the metro Denver area. In addition to operating a GYMGUYZ franchise, I am also NASM CPT – certified personal trainer, as well as wife to Mark Garey and mother to 3 wonderful children, Tyler – 23 years old, Amanda – 21 years old and Roger – 12 years old.

    In my spare time I enjoy exploring different countries in the world, outdoor activities in the CO mountains, running, spending time with my family and friends and savoring Texas BBQ. Favorite Quote “The miracle is not that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.” - John Bingham (running expert) Fitness Background I enjoy running, swimming and biking – as well as competing in marathons and triathlons. My Mission I believe that people can accomplish so many wonderful things in their life with courage. Courage in setting and achieving goals is our mission for our GYMGUYZ clients. I also have a strong belief in the benefits to moms of being active. Not only can exercise provide so many benefits to moms, but to our children as well through being a positive role model of a healthy lifestyle and courage in achieving goals.

  • Jake

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Certifications: NSCA-CPT

    Quote: “Mental toughness is a lifestyle” David Goggins

    Activities to stay in shape: hiking, biking, weight lifting, muay thai

  • Candice Posada

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Certifications: NFPT

    Favorite quote: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

    Activities to stay in shape: Running, basketball, soccer, volleyball and weightlifting

  • Ryan

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Certifications: NFPT

    Reason Why You Became a Personal Trainer:  Health and Fitness is not only good for you physically, but also provides mental, emotional and spiritual benefits. I want to help others so they can experience these awesome things that come from exercise.

    Activities to stay in shape: Having experiences with my family, reading, attending church, weight lifting, hiking

  • Sarah Leonning

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Certifications: NASM

    Reason Why You Became a Personal Trainer: To help others live their happiest lives.

    Activities to stay in shape: Weightlifting, Functional Training, being outside.

  • Taylor Knestis

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Trainers Certifications & Education : BS (Exercise Science), CSCS (NSCA), BRM (Barbell Rehab)

    Reason To educate, equip, and prepare people to move and thrive in a world defined by lazienss and sitting.

    Fitness Interests & Hobbies : Walking, movies, dancing, music, working out, karaoke, outdoor recreation, biking.

  • Will Trostle

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Certifications: NPTI 2/10/12, NASM CPT, Basic Nutrition NPTI, Boot camp certification NPTI, Training Youth Clients NPTI

    Reasons Why You Became a Personal Trainer: I became a personal trainer so that I could help people take control of their own health and wellness. After going through my own injuries, I have a lot of understanding for people who are trying to regain mobility and strength. I want to empower my clients to have a fit and healthy lifestyle through coaching that provides positive changes in their everyday life.

    Fitness Interests & Hobbies: Calisthenics, weight training, Injury rehab, mobility, training for a goal (ie firefighter course, competitions, sports etc), hiking, frisbee, bowling, obstacle courses