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How to Get Bigger Legs

We’ve all heard the jokes about always skipping legs. “The best leg workout? Bench press. The best way to grow your calves? Bench press.”  We get it. Legs aren’t the traditional glamor muscles that most gym bros think of when picturing that perfect beach bod.  But, having well-developed legs is not just about aesthetics – it’s also crucial for overall

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The Surprising Health Benefits of Corn

While your typical gym guy thinks protein is all that matters, you know that’s not true. Whatever fitness goals you’re pursuing, balanced nutrition is crucial – and that includes vegetables like corn.  When you think of corn, you might picture buttery ears of sweet corn on the cob or bags of salty, crunchy chips. While these are undoubtedly delicious ways

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How to Get Bigger Shoulders 

If you want an impressive, V-shaped upper body, having broad, muscular shoulders is key. Bigger shoulders not only look great, but they also contribute to overall upper body strength for activities like lifting, pushing, and pulling. At GYMGUYZ, our certified personal trainers are experts at designing customized strength training programs to help clients achieve their fitness goals, including building broader,

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Best Trap Exercises for Massive Shoulders

When it comes to creating an impressive, mountain-like shoulder physique, you can’t neglect your traps. The trapezius muscles run along the tops of your shoulders and down your upper back. Developing thick, powerful traps adds major size and 3D definition that really caps off your delts. At GYMGUYZ, our personal trainers emphasize complete development of the shoulder complex, including those

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How to Get Bigger Biceps

The pursuit of bigger, more defined biceps is a common goal for many fitness enthusiasts, both novice and experienced alike. One of the more popular glamor muscles, the biceps hold a special allure, symbolizing strength, power, and aesthetic appeal. Despite their relatively small size compared to other muscle groups, the biceps play a significant role in defining the overall appearance

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How to Get Bigger Triceps

While biceps often steal the spotlight in discussions about arm development, it’s time to shine a light on their lesser-known counterpart: the triceps. Despite being a significantly larger muscle group, the triceps are often overlooked and under-trained in comparison to their bicep counterparts. However, neglecting triceps development means missing out on a key opportunity to enhance overall arm size, strength,

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Are You Protein Deficient?

Protein! Protein! Protein! It seems everywhere you turn there is some nutrition expert promoting more protein and less carbohydrates. Protein to lose weight. Protein to add muscle. Protein to minimize the risk of certain cancers. Then there are the different types of proteins. You have whey protein. You have pea protein. You have soy protein. You even have casein protein. As

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Is Exercise Always Good For Stress?

I was so proud of my client today. He shared with me some of the big challenges he has with his business this coming year. Lot of risk. Lot of growth potential. Being in his early sixties he wasn’t sure he had the stamina to do it last year but that all changed when he started working out with us

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Investing In Your Fitness

As anyone who has embarked on a new fitness goal can tell you, the biggest hurdle is getting out, whether for a run, an indoor workout, or to the gym. Sure, you can buy expensive gym equipment for your garage, spare bedroom or basement, but how many of us end up using that stationary bike or treadmill as coat racks?  What if

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