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Weight & Resistance Training

Trust Our Personal Training Experts

Are you interested in getting fit while increasing your strength? GYMGUYZ has all of the tools and experience you’re looking for to help you get into great shape through our intense muscle building and strength training workouts. Our in-home or virtual personal trainers customize a program for your body and your schedule.

Dial (855) 496-4899 to find out more information about our bodybuilding and weight training programs.

Discover the GYMGUYZ Difference with Our Bodybuilding Trainers

Bodybuilding incorporates progressive resistance exercises to promote hypertrophy, or growth, as well as the development of the client’s musculature. This type of workout focuses on body development through proper diet regimens and exercise.

The true key to successful bodybuilding is full commitment to monitoring:

  • What you eat
  • When you eat
  • How you exercise
  • When you exercise

Give us a call and we will schedule a free session to evaluate your current fitness and nutrition program. Based on your goals, your GYMGUYZ trainer will create a customized health and fitness regimen just for you.

Experienced Weight Training Professionals You Can Trust

Weight training is an intense type of workout intended for individuals who want to minimize body fat and gain pronounced muscle mass and muscle tone. One of our knowledgeable GYMGUYZ trainers can conduct weight training sessions at a time and place that’s convenient for you.

We can teach you how to master the use of:

  • Weight stacks
  • Dumbbells
  • Weighted barbells

When you let us bring the gym to you, you will learn proper weight and resistance training form, how to focus on proper breathing, and a variety of techniques to build and shape specific muscle groups.


In-home personal training comes with a lot of advantages. You will never have to cut a workout short because the gym is too crowded. Now your workout time is maximized. GYMGUYZ makes your workout easy, fun, and convenient.

Call (855) 496-4899 to schedule your free session today!

Over 0+ Lives Changed See Their Transformations
  • Heidi Bound Lost 50 Pounds
  • Alan lost 90 pounds
  • John Pike Lost 120 pounds
  • Evan Lost 110 pounds
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