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Whether you own a business, or an apartment building, Employee/Resident Health & Fitness Solutions have become a top priority for many companies and living facilities. GYMGUYZ is proud to offer on-site, virtual and remote fitness programs. Our workouts are designed to help groups of people feel re-energized, rejuvenated, more productive, and happier. Offer these semi-private training classes to your employees, or bring new and exciting classes to gyms in your living facilities. Reach out to learn more about the GYMGUYZ solutions.

GYMGUYZ tailors our physical activity programs to your company. Our workouts range from moderate to intense sessions, and we can accommodate large groups or small groups, including:

Call GYMGUYZ at (516) 586-0723 for more information about our custom workouts!


We are the evolution of the corporate fitness center. Whether you want to offer exercise programs before, during, or after the workday, our GYMGUYZ group training proves to be as enjoyable as it is challenging. Exercise at work can provide immediate stress relief, relaxation, and an energy boost that lasts through the work day.

We’re confident that our specially designed corporate fitness training programs can change your work environment for the better and educate your employees on the importance of taking the best possible care of themselves. Together, we can help to create new friendships and transform your current work environment into a healthier atmosphere everyone can enjoy.

Fitness in the workplace has been shown to:

  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduce Absenteeism
  • Lower Turnover Rates
  • Improve Teamwork
  • Decrease Healthcare Costs

Get in touch with GYMGUYZ at (516) 586-0723 to learn more about scheduling corporate fitness workouts with our personal trainers in your workplace!

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  • "I was going to the local sports club three times a week for the past four years, and dreading every minute. I was going ..."

    Mary C.
  • "I just want to let you know what a pleasure it is having Barry as our instructor. He’s friendly and very knowledgeable. He ..."

    Rachel C.
  • "I just want to let you know how much I LOVE these classes! I so look forward to each class, and as of today, have not missed ..."

    Anna O.
  • "If anyone could benefit from having a genuinely-brilliant personal fitness trainer come to their home, they should definitely ..."

    Peter & Sybil S.
  • "Eleven months ago I was your typical 32 year old father of two; overweight, out of shape, and generally unmotivated to do ..."

    Steven and Julie R.
  • "When I wear clothes I haven’t worn in a long time, or see myself and the change it motivates me…Thank you so much for everyth ..."

    Melissa B.
  • "I’ve only done the initial consultation so far, but as far as that goes it was truly a great experience. Having belonged to ..."

    Sharon G.
  • "Mason had a wonderful experience working out over the winter with Markie and your team. He learned several new ways to ..."

    Steve A.
  • "I’ve been participating in GYMGUYZ small group classes working with Stacie Johns-Fink. I really appreciate the intimate, ..."

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The GYMGUYZ Difference GYMGUYZ delivers in-home and virtual personal trainers right to your door, your device, or online.
  • Our in-home training eliminates the need for you to go to the gym, saving you time and hassle.
  • With GYMGUYZ, there’s no need to invest in a home gym, because we bring all the equipment to you.
  • Every body is different, so we customize our programs to fit your unique needs and goals.
  • Our vehicles are stocked with over 100 pieces of equipment that allow us to provide fresh and creative workouts for each session.
  • Our trainers hold you accountable by establishing partnerships with you and making it harder for you to skip your workouts.
  • With our proprietary training system, app-based support, and licensed and insured trainers, GYMGUYZ offers a superior training experience over independent personal trainers.

Client Testimonials

-The Duchess Apartments

GYMGUYZ van at aparment complex

"Hi GYMGUYZ! I've been actively participating in your night classes at my building, and they are my favorite. The trainers are very professional and knowledgeable. He made our Monday class more fun. They are the best addition to the class variety. They bring their own equipment and tools to make his class more enjoyable. I like how they tap in different muscle groups with various workout plans."

-The Duchess Apartments


people in front of GYMGUYZ van

"As a physician, I am constantly instructing my patients on the importance of proper diet and exercise. The only problem was that I did not practice what I professed until I met GYMGUYZ. Under GYMGUYZ watchful eye and through GYMGUYZ patient but powerful workouts, I can now look my patients in the eye and tell them that hard work does pay off. Thank you GYMGUYZ! I could not have done this without you."


-The Felician School For Exceptional Children

GYMGUYZ at school with children

“GYMGUYZ is awesome! Our classes in-person have everyone participating and enjoying the physical activity and skills! We loved our classes on Zoom but being TOGETHER has brought us to a whole other level of fitness and fun!”

-The Felician School For Exceptional Children

- Nest Adult Activity Center

GYMGUYZ at senior center

“GYMGUYZ has fantastic instructors who are aware of the needs of our group and adjust their teaching according to the students’ abilities. They are compassionate and intuitive and have played a large part in improving the quality of life for the senior citizens here.”

- Nest Adult Activity Center