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Franchise “Love”

Time to share a story about McDonald’s franchise founder Ray Kroc, and Hall-of-Fame baseball pitcher (and former North Carolina farmboy) Jim “Catfish” Hunter. Kroc, who also owned baseball’s San Diego Padres franchise, was interested in signing Hunter to pitch for his team, prior to the 1975 baseball season. In addition to a very generous multi-year contract offer, Kroc guaranteed Hunter full ownership of TWO very profitable McDonald’s franchises in the San Diego area. In terms of total dollar value, this deal was worth a lot more than what the New York Yankees were offering. Of course, Hunter ended up turning down Kroc’s offer… and he did indeed sign with the Yankees. His reasoning? “I don’t know anything about hamburgers. I’m a farmer.”

Hunter’s reaction to the possibility of becoming a franchise owner is still funny to this day, but he inadvertently raises a legitimate, 2014-era concern in terms of GYMGUYZ and franchise ownership. Let’s say that every potential GYMGUYZ franchisee could be guaranteed at least a measure of financial success and independence, simply by signing on the dotted line and learning the ins and outs of the GYMGUYZ way, as it applies to franchising. This is all great… but if said franchisee just isn’t all that into health and fitness and doesn’t even buy into the overall GYMGUYZ lifestyle, then what’s the point? The old saying “Do what you love/love what you do” is accurate. We already know how much YOU enjoy living the lifestyle. The reality is, making a great living doing something you truly love is a precious gift, one not to be taken for granted. By becoming one of our new GYMGUYZ franchise owners, you’ll not only do what you love… you’ll love what you do!