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A Franchise Reminder, Part 9

“Semiotics” is the study of signs, and how those signs convey meaning. What’s this got to do with GYMGUYZ, you ask? More than you might think. Often, signs are literal — a stop sign, for example. We see it while driving and we know that we’re supposed to come to a stop. Sticking with the driving theme, red/yellow/green lights are basically a series of signs. Now, there’s nothing specific about the appearance of a red light that indicates we’d better slam on those brakes before crossing the busy intersection. However, we all know what that red light signifies. There’s nothing in the familiar Starbucks logo that suggests ‘coffee,’ either… but when we see it, we instantly know.

GYMGUYZ is one of the fastest-growing franchises out there. When you see our company logo, you know what it signifies — that we’re the proven leaders in the unique field of In-Home Personal Training. No need for unnecessary explanation of who we are and what we do. Just in the past six months, our brand awareness has grown by leaps and bounds. As we gain more and more traction, that awareness factor will continue to rise… and more people will be interested in franchise possibilities merely by peeking at the GYMGUYZ logo!