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A Franchise Reminder, Part 6

This week’s Franchise Reminder takes its cue from last week, into a discussion of the “symbiotic” relationship between the GYMGUYZ franchise owner and GYMGUYZ ‘main.’ You already know that as a franchisee, you’ll experience less trial and error, lower entry costs and general financial risks, as well as less basic overhead costs, relative to the typical small business owner. By and large, you’ll also get to run things in much the manner of a typical small business, i.e. with a certain level of autonomy in your decision-making… while at the same time, being able to count on the power of GYMGUYZ corporate.

To put it another way… as a new GYMGUYZ franchisee, you’ll not only reap the benefits of our comprehensive, large-scale advertising plan, you can count on us to stay on top of any and all potential changes in the marketplace. Working alongside GYMGUYZ in this manner allows you to focus a much higher % of your energies towards developing your own business contacts, clients, and increasing your ‘reach’ in terms of possible new clients.