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Franchise Need!

In past columns, we’ve discussed the need for potential GYMGUYZ franchisees to embrace the GYMGUYZ lifestyle hook, line, and sinker. A while back, I shared a true-life tale of money and franchising that this time around, will illustrate a different point entirely. It’s the funny story of Hall-of-Fame pitcher Jim “Catfish” Hunter, and McDonald’s franchise creator Ray Kroc, who was also the CEO of baseball’s San Diego Padres. Way back in 1975, Kroc attempted to lure Hunter away from the New York Yankees by front-loading his contract offer with ownership of TWO of the most profitable McDonald’s franchises in the San Diego area, with virtual guarantees that Hunter would earn well over $500,000 per year for doing basically nothing. Hunter STILL turned Kroc down, saying “I don’t know anything about hamburgers. I’m a farmer.”

Transport yourself back to 2014 and I’m sure you can see the continuing relevance. Even if you could somehow guarantee success with your own GYMGUYZ franchise, unless you felt the desire, the everyday need to actually BE in the business of in-home personal training, what would be the point? You don’t have to answer, it’s understood: you enjoy living life the GYMGUYZ way and can no longer imagine a reality where you don’t exercise and just eat whatever isn’t nailed down. Fitness has become a big part of your life. Time to make it the focal point and become one of our new GYMGUYZ franchise owners!