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The Franchise Life

Ask GYMGUYZ founder and CEO Josh York about the company’s early days, and he’ll spare you the illusion that it was a quick and easy road to success. The truth is, it took years of outright hard work for the company to gain a solid foothold in the fitness industry… and to this day, Josh continues to be the last one to leave the office at night. As a new GYMGUYZ franchisee, you’ll have numerous advantages over your basic sole proprietorship/small business owner, many of which are discussed in this week’s Franchise Reminder. But what about the “Franchise Life” — which is defined here as the point at which your own hard work ‘clicks’ and your own GYMGUYZ begins to build momentum?

This is perhaps the best part of being a franchise owner: waking up every morning with the knowledge that your business has become profitable, and will not only continue to be profitable going forward… but that those profits will grow exponentially over time. Because at GYMGUYZ, it’s not merely about your designated area, or your network of coaches, contacts and clients… it’s also about everyone else’s. And you can take comfort knowing that from GYMGUYZ main on down, they’re all putting the pedal to the medal every single day!