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The Fitness Lifestyle, Part 16

It’s March. Winter’s not over yet… at least not on the East Coast! Still, it’s about that time where people begin to at least think about getting into top physical condition for the upcoming summer months. Your GYMGUYZ trainer might call it “peaking.” You may just say that you’d like to trim down a bit more as the weather grows warmer and clothing becomes less bulky. Of course, your GYMGUYZ workouts are already on point and you consume a healthy, nutrient-dense diet. You may wonder what if anything you can do to increase your fitness beyond your present condition. Some of the obvious possibilities: Train harder. Eat even cleaner. Do more outdoors-y things to burn extra calories. Eliminate a cheat meal. Now… each of these answers might be correct. But could there be a magical combination in there somewhere?

In a word, no. As any GYMGUYZ disciple will tell you, there’s no “magical” anything when it comes to exercise and overall fitness. Just hard (but oh-so-rewarding) work and attention to detail. If you set a goal of reaching your best-ever condition by, say, early June, your GYMGUYZ trainer will help you plot a course to achieve just that. And yes, the nuts and bolts of that plan may include more intense daily workouts. Or supplemental cardio. Or eating leaner and cleaner overall… with cheat meals minimized. It’s inevitable that some sacrifices will have to be made; this is a necessary part of the process. When you achieve your goals, you’ll know it will have all been worth it!