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Insight from Sam Langer, GYMGUYZ First Franchisee!

We like to feature interviews with our franchisees to show what it’s really like to work with GYMGUYZ. We believe that what our franchisees say about us, and their successes, speak more to our brand than we ever could. Here is our latest interview with Sam Langer!

Where is your franchise location located?

SL: We’re are located in Westchester County, New York

Great, so you’re not too far from the GYMGUYZ headquarters in Long Island, NY! Why did you choose this particular location?

SL: I grew up in Westchester and I knew that the market was affluent enough for a business of this nature to succeed.

Having a great understanding of the location is absolutely essential for success in any industry and it sounds like your in-depth knowledge has helped you achieve it! What made you want to open your own franchise?

SL: I did my research and GYMGUYZ is a proven business model and I really wanted to open my own business. I felt as if this was the perfect opportunity to do so and be successful at it.

That’s awesome! Aside from the proven track record that GYMGUYZ has, what made you decide to open a GYMGUYZ franchise specifically?

SL: My confidence is based on what the founder, Josh York, has already done and what he continues to do to grow the GYMGUYZ brand. The integrated, continued efforts of GYMGUYZ Corporate and its franchises have made it and continue to make it a reputable company, trusted by anyone looking for help with working out! I love exercising and I really enjoy helping people, so it was the perfect match with my business background.

Sounds like you’ve found the perfect franchise fit! But, being a franchise owner you’ve obviously faced some challenges. What was one of the most challenging aspects you’ve faced so far?

SL: The most challenging aspect was wearing many hats! In the beginning, I was training all the clients on my own, doing all the paper work, marketing to get more clients, etc. To be honest, it was a lot to manage, especially when you have to be with a client for an hour at a time and can’t check your phone. It was definitely a series of trial and error, but, now, I have cut back on my training hours and have focused more on business itself.

You live and you learn! However, with any challenge you may face there are always rewards— what has been the most rewarding aspect of owning a GYMGUYZ franchise so far?

SL: That’s a good question! For me, it’s watching my clients achieve their goals and get stronger, leaner and faster; it’s a very fulfilling thing to experience full-circle. I turned my passion for working out into a career and am so grateful that I can wake up every morning knowing I am going to be doing what I love every day.

That’s incredible! Not many people can say that they truly love what they do. Is there anything that you wish you knew before opening your own GYMGUYZ franchise?

SL: Yes, I wish I knew how to prepare for rapid growth as it comes in waves and sometimes can be overwhelming. You don’t ever want to pass up a client so preparing for that is an important key.

If the one thing you wish you knew was how to handle a lot of business, I would say you’re doing alright! But, many people are curious to know, in your opinion, do you need to be a fitness trainer in order to open a GYMGUYZ franchise?

SL: You definitely do not have to, but I really enjoy personal training so it was a no brainer for me. Also, one of the perks of being a fitness professional is that you don’t have to pay a fitness trainer, if you are the one doing it. So, obviously by being one, you save on costs and are able to save money to put back into the business to gain even more clients.

That’s good to know that anyone with a passion for fitness can open a GYMGUYZ. I’ve got an honest question for you, as a franchisee; do you feel like you have the support of the franchisor?

SL: 100%. I have the CEO’s number in my speed dial.

Wow! It’s rare that a franchisee is able to have that kind of connection and expected response from a CEO of any company. I’ve got one last question for you, would you recommend becoming a GYMGUYZ franchisee to someone else?

SL: If you would like to be your own boss and you have a passion for fitness, I would, without a doubt, recommend this to any other potential franchisees. In all honesty, the questions you asked me are actually some of the questions I ask potential franchisees when they call me to find out more information about my particular location. You have to be passionate and know what you are doing when it comes to managing people and a business.

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