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What It's Like to be a GYMGUYZ Franchisee

We often have interested individuals contact us to learn more about what it’s actually like to open a GYMGUYZ franchise for themselves. While we can talk you through our process and provide you with well-documented information and research, sometimes it’s best to hear it from a franchisee. Here are 10 questions for Aaron Anthonsen!

First and foremost, where is your franchise location?

AA: We’re located just southwest of Atlanta, Georgia, serving Fayette and Coweta counties which include the cities of Fayetteville, Peachtree City, and Newnan.

That sounds like a great place to open a GYMGUYZ Franchise, what were other deciding factors in selecting this ares?

AA: The community is growing rapidly and it’s a great place to live if you want to get active and moving. For example, there are plenty of fitness-centric activities such as 5K, 10K races and other athletic events for charity that take place virtually every weekend. It’s also home to a local high school that has had two boys’ and three girls’ state championships in soccer in the last 5 years. Additionally, there are four golf courses in PTC alone. Fun fact: it has the highest per capita number of golf carts in the world! And if that wasn’t enough, Pinewood Studios just built a huge facility here and it’s bringing a lot of new business into the community.

Wow, this sounds like a very active and growing place! How long have you been in business for?

AA: We opened this year, on January 13th, so it’s been a little over two months!

That’s great! I have to ask, what made you want to open your own franchise vs. an independent business?

AA: To be honest, I didn’t originally set out to open a franchise. In fact, I had an idea for an outdoor personal training service (for runners, triathletes, mud runs, etc.) and I was researching online when I stumbles on GYMGUYZ in a news article. When I saw what they were doing I had a total light bulb moment and I knew I had to talk to these GUYZ.

The ah-ha moment – so after all the research, what was it that prompted you to open a GYMGUYZ Franchise?

AA: There are so many reasons why I decided to open a franchise. First, it’s not only a good business model, but it’s also a way we can make a difference. I was sold on the innovation aspect of bringing gym-quality workouts to such a wide variety of indoor and outdoor locations, because it means we can reach consumers that are under-served by traditional gyms and studios. Lifestyles have changed quite a bit over the last 30 years, but the fitness industry really hasn’t changed thatmuch. GYMGUYZ has a great model for fitting exercise into busy schedules and keeping people motivated through continuous support.

That’s a great answer! okay, now for the hard questions, what was one of the most challenging aspects you experienced as a franchise owner?

AA: I was a technical manager before this, and before that I was in the military, so for me, it’s sales aspect. You eventually get better, but it’s one of those things that you have to continually work on to perfect. My advice is to read lots of books, and find a friend/colleague that’s good at sales and take the opportunity to ask questions.

I find that no matter the industry, sales are always the hardest part of the business. What has been the most rewarding part of owning your own franchise so far?

AA: I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve been in business long enough that my first few clients are seeing significant weight loss and visible changes in body composition. The best advertising you can get is when someone’s co-workers or friends start asking what they did to get in shape.

Word-of-mouth is definitely the bet form of advertising! Okay, tell me, in your opinion, do you need to be a fitness trainer in order to open a GYMGUYZ franchise?

AA: Being a fitness trainer prior to opening a location does help because you have the technical knowledge, but what you really need is to be passionate about changing people’s lives. That’s really the only way you’re going to have the energy and drive to make this work.

I totally agree. Without having a true passion for your work, you’ll never succeed. Can you tell me, as a franchisee, do you feel like you have the support of GYMGUYZ Corporate?

AA: Absolutely. I talk to corporate daily; what to do for clients with previous injuries, to bookkeeping procedures, to van maintenance – we’re really a pretty close-knit group.

That’s awesome! Would you recommend becoming a franchisee to someone else?

AA: I already have! I have a couple of friends who have been following the launch of my business and asking lots of questions. I just tell them that they need to call Josh! One of them actually has and I’m really optimistic they’ll end up joining the team!

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