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3 Strategies to Maximize Your Sales Team

Any business owner knows that having a stellar sales team is one of keys to maintaining and achieving (even) more success. No matter what industry you’re in, knowing when to invest in prospective employees, how to delegate talent and caring about individual successes are critical to forming a top-notch sales team. Here are three strategies to help you improve your company through sales:  

1.Choosing key employees: When hiring any salesperson, you’re playing employment Russian roulette (but, that’s a given for any new employee in any industry). Once you’ve hired your new employee, cultivate them by working closely with them and being a resource. Regardless of whether this person does well on his or her own, always be “present” and reachable to them. If left to their own devices for too long, they might get bored or simply feel like you don’t care about their successes/failures.

2.Don’t waste talent: If an employee is exceptionally great at what they do— selling, then why limit their ability to cold calling and stuffing promotional envelopes? Enable them to do their job by managing the workload they may face at the office. Additionally, don’t abuse your right to call mandatory meetings more than once a day— it wastes time, lowers productivity, and ultimately causes resentment amongst your staff.

3.Care about the quality of their successes: Many leaders don’t care what their leading salespeople do once they’ve reached their quota. While, these employees should be rewarded and the immense pressure to sell should be lifted, once the quota is met it’s time to regroup. Regroup meaning, this person should be following up with people who have requested information, mentor struggling salespeople or take the opportunity to expand their sales /networking reach (classes, seminars, lectures).

Great employees weren’t born that way; they were crafted through a lifetime of experiences. At one point in their lives, they weren’t at the top of their game, but they achieved their ability and reputation and that knowledge should be harnessed to help enrich other staff members and themselves (through continued learning and networking events). A business owner should never limit the potential of an employee; they should foster its growth, as it will ultimately improve the whole company.