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5 Surprising Ways to Improve Your Memory

When put to a test, it’s troubling to realize that it’s actually pretty difficult to remember the simplest of things, like what you had for lunch yesterday. However, you even shock yourself when you can recite all the words from your favorite song when you were 15 years old. The reason why you can remember certain things, such as lyrics, is how your brain encodes information. We can’t rewire our brains, but we can certainly employ some tricks to help boost your brainpower!

1.Shut your eyes. When you close your eyes, you are actually removing distraction, which helps you recall details of whatever someone is trying to remember. In fact, a study conducted at the University of Surrey found that eyewitnesses to crimes could remember the details (both visual and audible) more clearly with their eyes shut.

2.Posture! It’s crazy how the things like sitting up straight can impact your recollection of things. Researchers at the San Francisco State University found that sitting or standing up straight and tilting your chin upwards actually helps you recall memories. The reason behind this is that it boosts oxygen and blood flow to your brain by up to 40%! They also found that if you hunch, or slouch, you are able to recall negative memories more easily.

3.Laugh it out. The benefits of a good laugh are endless! Research conducted at Loma Linda University found that by laughing for 20 minutes could improve your memory. This happens because when you laugh, your body release endorphins, which reduce stress, lower your blood pressure, boost your mood— and all of that together makes for a better memory!

4.Select an unusual font: In a study conducted by psychologists from both Indiana and Princeton University found that by reading material in a new font will help you remember the content better. Why does this work? Our eyes are used to certain fonts by now, Ariel, Times New Roman, and because of that, we tend not focus too much on the actual material. If you read content that stands out to you, visually, there’s more of a chance of actually absorbing and retaining that information.

5.Take notes by hand: While this mode of note taking may seem “old school,” it is the most effective way for you to recall information from a meeting. Why? When you’re taking notes, you’re actually actively listening and paying more attention to what is being said.

The hard truth is that by 45 years old, the average person encounters a pretty measurable decline in memory? Frankly, that’s terrifying. Test these tips out for yourself and see if they work, your memory may depend on it!